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The Best Destinations for Solo Travel Asia

As fun as traveling is with family, there is something exciting about exploring and discovering a new place on your own. The freedom and being independent is a thrill that allows you to do what to do whenever you want to. Sure, it can be very tough and exhausting, it is also absolutely brilliant.

Luckily, Asia is the best option for people who are planning to travel and decided to drop the baggage of an extra individual. It’s a great place to get started on the solo travel journey as it is quite affordable, easily accessible and the hospitality is a song all tourists sing. Thousands of solo travellers use to set their sails to Asia through travel agency London to discover the unknown places and meet locals and other travellers without any distractions or influence of a friend or partner’s tastes, partiality, or preferences.

Solo Traveling to Asia

Solo travelers feel right at home provided they pick the perfect destination to visit. When tourists clear out, flight prices are low, and the weather is warm, Asia is the perfect place to recover from an exhausting lifestyle to enjoy the good quality family time, away from your daily glitches.

Listed down below are some recommendations based on a fair amount of recon and on factors such as affordability, adventures and activities, safety and comfort that will make your trip to Asia worthwhile.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is known for its magnificent bays, amazing beaches, and a world-famous party scene. It’s a great place to catch up on some me-time at Patong Beach, Phuket Fantasea, Wat Chalong, Big Buddha or the Phi Phi Island etc. You can spend hours and hours in every corner of the Patong Street bargaining and shopping, relishing street food, dance shows, Muay Thai etc.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is about spotless streets filled with neon lights, ramen bars, Michelin star restaurants, okonomiyaki stalls, amazing infrastructures, cute shops, stylish hostels with millions of residents who are very helpful. Even though it’s really crowded, the city is no chaotic and lawless at all. Dotonbori, Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku are some of the places of interest in Osaka.

Siargao, Philippines

The tear-drop shaped island of the Philippine Sea is a piece of paradise on Earth. You can rent a bike to explore the Naked Island, Sohotan Lagoon and Magpupungko Swimming Hole and enjoy their blue waters, serenity and clear aqua skies. They are also some of the best places to surf in all of Asia.

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is probably the best option for people who are traveling alone as the lion city is one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. The country is known for high-end shopping centers, amazing food stalls, and a world-famous theme park. You can take a stroll around the Sentosa Gardens by the bay to get away from it all, hike along the Southern Ridges, treat the photographer in you by spending an afternoon in the Botanic Gardens, go to Sungei Buloh Wetlands to enjoy the serene nature reserve which lets you get close to nature and wildlife with either a coastal boardwalk or a mid-canopy walk or simply wander off the streets of Chinatown.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

With its excessive beauty, rich heritage and history, diversity, welcoming people, and amazing cuisine, Cambodia is another great option for solo travelers. Even though it is known for Angkor Wat, the largest religious site in the world, the town has so much more to offer. From beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville, Killing Fields, Terraces of the Leper King to the Pub Street, Siem Reap has something for everybody. You can hire a tuk-tuk driver to take you around the whole city. As a solo traveler, you can visit Kampot, a place where blind Cambodians make a living by getting a traditional massage.

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Located in the northern part of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is the mountainous valley of Hunza. Karimabad is the main town and capital of the valley and amongst the top tourist destination in Pakistan. The scenic valley is not only known for its greenery and setting but also its people, whose friendliness and hospitality is a song you will sing for months after you leave the utopia. Some of the most spectacular places you can visit while you are in Hunza are Duikar, Eagle’s Nest, Rakaposhi, Diran, Ladyfinger, Hunza peak, Ultar sar, Attabad lake, Karimabad market, Baltit and Altit fort etc. From Hunza, you can travel to Naltar valley in Gilgit.

Beijing, China

The capital of China is one of the craziest, utterly overwhelming and exceptional cities in all of Asia. Even though traveling in the city alone is quite intimidating as you can never know what exactly is going on. First, there is a language barrier. Most Chinese know little to no English. Then there are a thousand festivals and ceremonies that are held. However, you will get a hang of it and enjoy Beijing’s long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with the contemporary, urban environment. There are a million things and places waiting to be explored such as the four temples of Beijing, the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the Forbidden City, World Park, Zhongshan Park, Ba Da Ling Great Wall, Bird’s Nest, and the Beijing National Aquatics Center, etc. that makes it all the very exciting and a great city to explore on your own.

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  1. Lots of great advice here. But also, if you are going to Japan, make sure to get away from the big cities too. There is so much to see, and people are really so kind wherever you go.


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