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Tips on Renting a Right Limo Service

A limo service will give you once in a lifetime experience of luxury which everyone should try at least once in their life. This is nothing but renting a car with a driver that is pre booked for any occasion or a service. It is generally a sedan or a stretch limo in certain nations.

Limos are booked like hot cakes in the wedding months of August, September and October and at times June. They are specials for proms, corporate travels, airport transportation, bachelorhood parties and so on. Peak Season for limos are summers.

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7 Best to go Tiger Spotting Tiger Safari in India

Tiger is the national animal of India, but they also plays a very important role in developing India’s cultural heritage. Around 2,226 wild tigers are there in India and as we have witnessed decrease in the numbers of these endangered species or we can also say that almost tigers has been extinct. Now, in this era you are getting a chance to have a visit at Tiger Safari in India have watch these royal tigers.

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Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Many refer to it as the city of gold because of its magnificence. Words alone cannot express its glamour. It’s luxurious hotels, extensive malls and modern historical site are a site that appeals to many.

Nightlife in Dubai is a lot of fun. The Dubai tourist festivities are full of activity. You can get the chance to try out the wide variety of drinks including viniq vodka and Dusse cognac. The festivities are a chance to create some of the wildest fun memories in life.

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