Luxurious Activities in Dubai Meant to Billionaires Interests

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and outstanding entertainment opportunities. If you are a billionaire and don’t have any budget limit, then you must not ignore lavish activities in Dubai which are second to none and I am damn sure you won’t forget the experience rest of your life. We have jotted down a list of amazing activities you can enjoy in Dubai.

  1. Don’t Forget Premium Desert Safaris

Desert Safari is a great experience that lets you explore the actual beauty of Dubai. Sand dunes, oasis, local flora, and fauna are biggest reasons to visit Dubai’s deserts. Cultural music and food are available and cool desert nights on the sand refresh your mind. Don’t worry if you can’t travel two hours in a Mercedes G-Wagon and cover the same distance just in a few minutes by using helicopter. Book premium class and enjoy delicious food while sitting around an oasis and cultural music playing behind.

Don’t Forget Premium Desert Safaris

  1. Fantastic Yacht Cruise

Make the right use of your money and invest in a fantastic yacht cruise experience. Sea view of Dubai mesmerizes you and has enough space for people. 118ft Moonlight super yacht offers all luxurious facilities ranges from scrumptious food, music, dining room, and fishing facilities.

  1. Hire Private Air Charters

Dubai’s traffic is very annoying and you have to wait for hours in the traffic signals. Don’t waste your time or spoil your mood as you can hire a private air charter and fly from hotel to desert in a few minutes. View from the sky is not less than just perfect. See tall buildings, gleaming cars running on the road, moving sand dunes, and amazing Arabian Oryx grazing local fauna.

  1. Affluent Overland Visit

If you think the fun in Dubai is just limited to seeing desert and skyscrapers from a helicopter, then think again as Dubai offers limitless entertainment opportunities. Buy a premium package of four-day tour and explore the adventures of mountains and deserts in a lavish Mercedes G-Wagons. Rest in a lavish green resort full of ultra-lavish facilities. Visit in an extravagant hotel that has its own private beach living room, dining room, yoga room, swimming pool, gym, and expert chef. See the beauty of Al Maha Desert Resort and live in a custom-designed and fully furnished bedroom.

  1. Desert Tour in Hot Air Balloons with Spouse

Imagine a combination of blazing red sandy mountains, cool air blowing on the sand, amazing view of sunset, and company of your companion. Is anything more romantic than this? Obviously, not. Glide over the beauty of desert and see how beautifully the sun sets in Dubai. Red and golden sunrays spell bound the viewer and will boost the beauty of nature. Express your love for your spouse in such a romantic environment and collect a lot of memories for the lifetime.

Desert Tour in Hot Air Balloons with Spouse

  1. Visit a Private Stable

Who doesn’t know that Dubai has World’s finest horses? Dubai World Cup fans must visit and see their favorite racehorses. Dubai Royal family horses are also present there. Enjoy horse riding and learn about their food. See how to set a stable for racehorses and what is the best method to take care of them from the side effects of weather.

Ski adventure and private dinner in Burj Khalifa are two other amazing options which are hard to skip. Hire a premium package and check every amenity mentioned in the list. You can add things as per your desire as these travel companies make their best to provide utmost services to customers. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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