places to celebrate valentines day

Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is magical. One, who is in love, knows how special the feeling of being in love is. The journey becomes even more beautiful when you have found your soulmate. To celebrate your companionship and to celebrate your boundless love for each other, Valentine’s Day is approaching. Nothing can be better than spending quality time, partying like crazy and adoring each other on Valentine’s Day. All the moments become memorable when you are at the most romantic destination. The world is full of beautiful places. They all look prettier when you have the best company on your side.

Get ready to pamper your darlings as we are going to tell you some of the most romantic and best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Keep scrolling, and we guarantee your struggle to find the destination for this year’s Valentine’s Day will be put to rest.

Listed Below are the Best Places to Celebrate Valentines Day:

Let’s begin.

  • Paris 

paris valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

Paris-The city of love is the dream city for many girls. We bet your girl is going to have happy tears if you tell her where you are taking her for Valentine’s Day. Paris, without any second thoughts, tops the list of most romantic places in the world. Mesmerizing the Eiffel tower, spellbinding Notre-Dame cathedral, and exciting café culture will ensure you have the best Valentine’s Day ever. Undoubtedly, your day will be filled with romance and maybe a buttery croissant in Paris.

Nothing can be more romantic than holding your lover’s hand and looking in each other’s eyes under the glittering Eiffel tower at night.

  • Verona, Italy

verona italy valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

Well, you must be so in love if you are here. And even if you aren’t, who hasn’t heard of Romeo and Juliet right. Those two were and still are the epitome of love. The evergreen and world-famous love story of Romeo and Juliet belongs to this place. Verona is a beautiful town located on the Adige River. Even though the beautiful landscape is enough to woo you and your lover, other than that you can enjoy Italian cuisine, explore lake Garda, Piazza Delle Erbe, Arena di Verona and so much more here.

Do not forget to attend the concerts and fantastic opera performances at night.

  • Victoria Falls

victoria falls valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

There is something romantic about waterfalls. Maybe it’s because nature is always at its best in that particular location. Rainbows, Clouds, Greenery, and crystal clear water slip down from height making the loudest peaceful sound; all of them together ensure you are left speechless in the first look. Romance doesn’t have to be sensate and private. Let it go wild and thrilling. Why not try adventurous Valentine’s Day this year? Jump off from the Victoria Falls bridge, holding your partner’s hand. If you wish to take your relationship to the next level of marriage, propose to her on the bridge. She will never forget it.

Ladies, do not hesitate to do the same with your men. Let them see the adventurous side of you.

  • Venice

venice italy valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

Have you ever done boating with your partner? Take it to the next level as Venice, my dear has no roads but only canals to visit places. The city of bridges will keep you entertained with its historic monuments, palaces, museums and so much more. If your partner has a thing for historic places, take them here and their love for you will never end.

  • Vienna

vienna valentine's day - i love traveling and exploring

You must note that there is no place better than Vienna to celebrate and fall in love all over again. Women cherish your efforts and consideration of their little things. They are the happiest even with the little things you do for them. Vienna will give you every opportunity to do the same for your partner. Make her feel like a queen and take her on a beautiful horse carriage. The city is known for its majestic monuments, palaces and contemporary buildings.

Vienna will not disappoint you. Take your partner to have the best Valentine’s Day.

  • Srinagar

Called the heaven of Earth, Srinagar is one of the most preferred places to enjoy yourself with your partner in India. The heavenly city is home to breathtaking lakes, valleys and beautiful gardens. How can one miss Dal Lake? It is a must-visit place in the city. Many years ago, when going on foreign trips was not very popular, Srinagar used to top the list of most-loved places for a honeymoon. It still does in India as its beauty will hold you for life.

  • Udaipur

Udaipur valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

Udaipur, the city of lakes and the White City, is the best destination to cherish your love on Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air of this beautiful city. Udaipur will astonish you with its rich culture and breathtaking Pichola Lake, which looks stunning during the sunset. Book a royal hotel, explore the pride of Udaipur, the city palace, and do not forget to take the fun camel ride.

  • Taj Mahal

taj mahal valentines day - i love traveling and exploring

Celebrate your love in the presence of what is called to be the symbol of love. Taj Mahal, one of the finest architecture of India, speaks of love in every way. Even the story behind the monument is about the power of being in love with someone. Every year thousands of visitors come here to make their Valentine’s Day memorable. There is no place better than the Taj Mahal to celebrate the best feeling.

  • Santorini 

Santorini, a place with beautiful beaches and landscapes, is the perfect destination to make your Valentine’s Day special. There is so much that you can do here. Santorini has a rocky beach surrounded by red hills. You can blindfold your partner, and surprise them with the dream proposal there. All the places in Santorini will give you the best time of your life.

  • Wellington

Wellington in New Zealand is your answer to where to take your partner this Valentine’s Day if he or she enjoys trying new cuisines. Take her hand and explore the Wellington Garden, Cable car, museum.

Pro tip- Plan a candlelight dinner. The world’s best cuisine will not disappoint you.

We hope we have given you some of the best places to visit on Valentine’s Day. Have the best one.

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