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Things to Do In Bangkok in December

December is just around the corner, and we can do nothing except being excited. But there is one other thing that we all can do to kill our time, and that is to plan a trip to Bangkok in December. We know there is a lot to do this upcoming December, which includes planning for Christmas, holidays, and New Year celebrations. But why not do something different this time? Why not visit one of the most vivid and beautiful cities on this planet?

For this reason, we highly recommend you to plan a trip to the capital city of Thailand in this upcoming December and celebrate each and every moment of your life to the fullest. Although the official religion of Thailand is not Christianity, it is still one of the best places in the world to celebrate anything due to the hospitable nature of the locals. There are more than a dozen things you can do in Bangkok in December, and in this article, we have mentioned a few of them.

Spending December in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the few places outside west that celebrates events in December with a great enthusiasm and high spirits. Many westerners visit this heavenly country, especially in December to escape the harsh winters of their own country. So this has led to great celebrations in the capital city of Bangkok. We highly recommend you to give one chance to the City of Angels by visiting it, and you will never be disappointed in your life.

People of this city love to celebrate anything with equal or more joy. This is due to the fact that they have more religious and cultural tolerance than any other nation in the world. So you can celebrate anything there until it is offending to their country and monarch. So plan your December outing in Bangkok and read this article to find out what you can do there

Bangkok Travel - What to do?

How to reach there?

Bangkok has become one of the biggest transportation hubs in Far East Asia. So finding a direct flight is not a difficult task. However, any flight is going to be a very long one due to its location. If you live in Europe, it will be a long one for you. Flying to Bangkok from the UK will take more than 10 hours, and that too with a break in the Middle East. But when you have reached there, you can easily relax in the most humble atmosphere. The best thing you can do is to embrace the journey and enjoy every bit of it. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and even chat with other passengers. Maybe you make some good friends on-board.

Things to do in Bangkok in December

Attend a service in a Church

There are not many churches in Bangkok, but there are a few services on Christmas Eve. So it is highly recommended for you to attend at least one. You can observe the festivities or just enjoy the experience of a church on Christmas.

Watching the city lights

Bangkok is a city of lights, and in December, there are different light shows hosted to commemorate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So enjoy their amazing light shows and don’t forget to take a few pictures. Even their temples are lit with a bright light display, which is one of the most beautiful features of this city.

Firework display

Fireworks in this city are known all over the world. Especially on the Eve of New Year. The whole city is lit with bright fireworks, and the night sky is as bright as the galaxies are.

Nightlife in Bangkok

The nightlife of Bangkok is known worldwide and there is no denying that clubs and discos of this place are second to none. You can enjoy an amazing time, lose yourself with your mates, loved ones, or even with any local. Just make sure that you keep control of yourself as it is a bad idea to get a hangover in Bangkok, and we all have seen the infamous movie.

Eating our stomachs out

Bangkok has so many eating places that we cannot decide where to eat lunch or dine. So try single items of different outlets, or street stalls and eat as much as you can in this city.

Heading to a beach

There are a lot of warm beaches nearby, so feel free to take any boat or a ride in a car to any renowned beach of this amazing country anytime in your trip.

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