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Important Gear that you need to have when Backpacking for Travelling

Are you planning on backpacking for the first time? Well, irrespective of where you might be going, if you are travelling alone and that too for the first time then there are a few things that you will have to take care of if you want to enjoy a fun and lovely backpacking experience.

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How to find a Cheap Accommodation for your Stay?

Finding an accommodation and that too in a budget can be a very daunting task since it is the biggest fixed cost expense while travelling. If you can learn the art of bringing down that cost can lead to huge savings. It hardly matters that what your staying type is, the only thing which is common in every traveller is that nobody wants to pay more than what it deserves. Continue reading How to find a Cheap Accommodation for your Stay?

Best Places to Visit in India this Fall

So with the end of September ends the endless rain and the humid heat and finally its time to welcome October, the best month of the year and the Fall 2017. With the mere arrival of the season you could feel something happy in the air, a rush of positive vibes all around you, its just like the wind, you cannot see it but you can feel it, and fortunately if you happen to be in India or from India, I am sure just like me you too would be waiting all around the year for this month. With the welcome of fall we welcome the most beautiful festivals all around the year, The Dussehera and the Diwali, the festival of Lights. So let us check out the list of few places we can visit this fall in the long arriving weekends.

Monsoon an Off Season to Visit Goa?

I have always heard people say that Goa is best in times of winter, while monsoon is considered as an off season to visit Goa. Somehow, I got a chance to visit Goa once again and this time during the monsoons and trust me Goa has a complete different side which can only be explored during this so called off season “Monsoon”. To every one who believes that Goa is all about Metal music and Rush, Drinks and Dance, Poker and Night life, let me tell you Goa has another story hidden inside. It is also about Lush Greenery and Beautiful Roads stretched all along, Empty beaches and Peace along the shore, Drizzling rain and Walk along the shore. So if you are a peace lover just like me and not so fond of the rush, do visit Goa once in the Off Season and trust me you would have never found Goa so beautiful.
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