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7 Best to go Tiger Spotting Tiger Safari in India

Tiger is the national animal of India, but they also plays a very important role in developing India’s cultural heritage. Around 2,226 wild tigers are there in India and as we have witnessed decrease in the numbers of these endangered species or we can also say that almost tigers has been extinct. Now, in this era you are getting a chance to have a visit at Tiger Safari in India have watch these royal tigers.

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Odisha – An Untouched beauty

Hello All,

It has been quite a time I got to jot down my travel experience and today while I am writing I would like to bring forth the story of my travel to Odisha one of an amazing states in India. Although not considered among one of a very famous tourist place, Odisha definitely is a gem which is underrated and has extremely amazing places to visit and enjoy. Every corner of the state is full of greenery, coconut and palm trees cover almost any and every road you cover, its is just beautiful.

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Trip to the World of Wildlife!


Hey Everyone,

It has been long since I wrote last time and it really feels that I have been missing something out of my daily routine. Keeping busy and messed up with some of the stuffs, I could actually not give a lot of time here, but I guess I am back now!

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