Hometown, India

Amidst the hill is my Sweet Home!

amidst the hills

Hello all my readers, almost after a year and half here I am today at my home town, Bhagalpur. Yes I know it’s not a known name and yes you may call it “NOT SO FAMOUS” but I bet you would love to visit here once you come here for a trip. A drive of almost three hours from here will take you to my grannies place and there amidst the hill is my sweet home!

Greenery in Bhagalpur, India

A place full of greenery, a place full of flowers and aroma, the sky seemed to be never ending and the water seemed to be bluer and cleaner. Aah! How fresh it feels to visit here for a break. I remember coming here for every holiday in the spring after my school annual exams break; it just used to be fun. Now today after and year and half to visit here taking a break from my office gives me a feeling of awesomeness.


The hills are small and large with amazing stones, not a lot of memories are very fresh in my mind as a kid but I remember whenever I used to visit here in holidays I used to climb up high on the hills and look for the stones of different colors. I remember me and my siblings looking for diamonds around, hahahah yes I too laugh a lot when I remember the days, but those, I guess were the best days. I used to rise up early at 5 in the morning just to take a glimpse of the sun rising from the mountains high up in the sky. The sun was red completely; I also sometimes used to climb up the mountain just to see how close I could get to the sun.

white lotus

Also I remember at the end of the hills was a small river with white lotus in it. We used to rush to the river and enjoy trying to pick up the flower and then make a garland out of it. We had a small house and a big garden at the front just facing the hills. At night the environment became more mystical. We use to take our bed rolls down to the place in the garden in front of the hills and there with my granny and my siblings I used to enjoy the stories. My grandma every night before we went to bed used to tell us stories, and there beneath the open sky and the stars I used to sleep fearlessly and tension free. No worries of tomorrow, no tension of anything that might happen, all I used to feel was that very moment.


Here I am today again and with all the memories fresh and alive the feeling is still the same. Sleeping under the sky tonight, I have the similar feeling, a feeling of inner joy. No tension of tomorrow, no worries of life, I am just enjoying the very moment, and now I am going for a good night sleep so that I could wake up at five and check out the rising sun.

Take care and have a good night all readers!


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