Those beautiful Autumn Days!

Those beautiful Autumn Days!

autumndays The end of the rainy and humid weather and the mark of the winters,

Amidst the both extremes lies the beautiful autumn days!

Those excitements for the festive season

Those killing await of my favourite winters

Everything reminds me of those beautiful autumn days!

Fallen Leaves Those fallen leaves all the way to school

That amazing aroma of the night flower in my balcony

The counting of stars sitting on the roof of the house

The cold wind and the fireflies

Oh! How beautiful were those autumn days

gulmohar tree The red and yellow hue of the sky T

he big Gulmohar tree and its flower in the school garden

The monkey climbs beside the tree

And the swing which was my favourite as a kid  


Where are those autumn days?

Where is the school N

o more walking through the fallen leafs

No more wait for the festive week

work Where is the Large Gulmohar Tree?

No more autumn swing

Just the PC and the work loads

Just the orders and the files

autumn days I miss those autumn days!

Those beautiful autumn days

Those hide and seek with friends

That fun in the lunch breaks

That running back to home at the ring of the bell

That homework at the holidays

Those last minute rush for the bus

Miss those days Oh! I Miss those autumn days!

Those beautiful Autumn Days!

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