most beautiful lakes in the world

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Did you ever get a chance to sit at the bank of a lake? 

I remember, once, on a short trip to the mountains, my friends and I stopped for refreshment. While others chose to go inside the resort, I preferred to do the opposite. There was a beautiful lake in front. I went and sat down on a rock. I believe that moment captured me for life. I found peace in the burbling noise of the water. 

Shimmering waters, riveting reflections, and incomparable moments of quietude make the lakes for some of the most spectacular sights on Earth. Whether they are descending from the mountain ranges or flowing smoothly from overgrown forests, lakes are all things magical and beautiful. 

Stop for a moment and try to picture a perfect trip for yourself. I can bet that a bonfire near the lake will top the list. If, ever get a chance, stop for a while and let the serene beauty of lakes take over your heart and soul. You will then realise why the lakes are considered the most sought after spot by tourists. 

Here are the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world:

1. Moraine lake

This art of nature is in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National park, Canada. You may remember this lake from the famous Bollywood sci-fi movie “Koi Mil Gaya”. While the two gorgeous actors tried very hard to catch the audience’s attention with their smooth dance moves, the thunder was stolen by Moraine Lake effortlessly. It is Canada’s most iconic natural sights. Surrounded by some giant mystical mountain, this lake is the most beautiful in the world.

2. Lago de Atitlan

This lake is one of the most stunning natural wonders of Guatemala. Recognised as the deepest lake of Central America, Lago de Atitlan is encircled by three volcanoes. The lake is the result of a massive volcanic eruption that happened some 84000 years ago, known as the Los Chocoyos eruption. While it is rightfully known for its scenery, the three volcanoes are, undoubtedly, the precious jewels of embellishment.

3. Lake Como

Everyone has heard of its name. Many B-town celebrities got married here. Why? 

 The reason lies in its arresting beauty. Lying in the north of Italy, Lake Como has always been a favourite haunt of the rich and famous since Roman times. The tradition continues. Surrounded by some breathtaking mountains and frondescence, it is a perfect destination for a small vacation trip.

4. Lake Wakatipu

New Zealand is famous for so many things. The Wakatipu is yet another feather in its nature’s treasure cap. Located in the South Island, Lake Wakatipu is known for its spectacular setting complemented by alpines guarding it against all sides. You can sit by its side or go hiking, white-water rafting or paragliding above its ravishing blue water to have an unforgettable experience of your life. 

5. Crater Lake

It is yet another magnificent wonder by a volcanic eruption. The deepest lake in the whole of the States, Crater is admired for its deep blue colour and as clean as mirror water. The location is immensely photogenic, with the crumbling craggy cliffs that surround it. Along with enjoying its mesmerising view, you can indulge yourself in activities like hiking, cycling, and camping. 

6. Inle Lake

Bordered by centuries-old monasteries and temples, Inle Lake has found its abode amongst the scenic Shan Hills. The people of Myanmar use the lake to exhibit their rich culture with pride to tourists from all across the world. If you want to witness the true charm of nature, then hop on one of the boats and spectator it by yourself in its tranquil waters.

7. Lake Pehoe

Lake Pehoe is one of the unexplored parts of Chilean Patagonia. It is a little tough to reach. But, once you set foot on it, you will realise it was worth every effort. Lake Pehoe showcases some stunning scenic views with the domineering Torres del Paine Mountains behind it. The backdrop is captivating, especially during the sunset.

8. Lake Titicaca

Set between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable water body in the world. It will become difficult for you to choose one favourite spot as every side boasts arresting scenes. You will get an opportunity to introduce yourself to the lifestyle of 3 different communities that live in harmony with nature. The place has something for everyone to enjoy.

9. Lake Baikal

It is the oldest lake on Earth. This calm water body takes pride in the clearest and cleanest water around. It is also famous by the name of ‘Pearl of Siberia’. While the sun rays strike on its surface, the lake displays a fabulous visual show. During winter, it freezes up to 2 meters deep in the water. It will stun you in every season. It is a true natural delight for every nature’s lover. Lake Baikal contains more water than all the Great Lakes in North America combined. 

10. Lake Pichola

It is a must-visit place in Udaipur, India. Surrounded by some elegant palaces, Pichola is one of the contributors to our nation’s pride. Are you wondering what is so special about it? Although it looks like nature’s gift to us, in reality, it is a man-made lake cover from 1362. The centre of attraction is the bright walls of Lake Palace, built right in the middle of it. Udaipur is known as the city of lakes. Pichola, for sure, tops the list of most beautiful. 

So, now you have the list of most beautiful lakes in the world. There is something about the lakes that attract you. Even the most common lake is considered as a Wow place by all. It is because they all show some of the water’s most alluring qualities. The world is full of them. From tiny streams to massive expanses, easily mistaken for oceans, each one of them holds the power of owing you for a lifetime. Even though they are naturally breathtaking, they, up to some level, owe their charisma to climate geologic luck and also us, the humans who admire them wholeheartedly. 

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