Long Distance Travel Packing Guide

It is not a secret that we all have a problem packing even for an overnight trip or a quick weekend getaway. But how exactly to manage your luggage and travel essentials when going somewhere further? We’ve put together a helpful long distance travel packing guide just for you.

Before you start packing

There are a couple of important things to tick off your list:

⦁ Consider the exact length of your trip. Will you be gone for a week or a couple of months?
⦁ Inform yourself about the climate of the places you will visit.
⦁ Make sure you know if all your attire is appropriate or not.
⦁ Consider the nature of your trip – do you aspire to be a world traveler, a digital nomad or are you just visiting?
⦁ Keep in mind your mode of transportation – are you traveling by train or your family car?

If you’re moving, however, you will need to take care of your long distance relocation needs. With all of the above considered, you can start packing!

two red bags

You would not consider a small bag or backpack for a long journey around the world

Choose What Fits Your Needs

Exploring the World at Your Own Pace

If your trip is low-budget and for leisure, you will probably be good to go with a large backpack.  This will require some practice at first, as those can be quite heavy and uncomfortable in large crowds. However, they will keep your hands free when you stop to enjoy the sights, take photographs or if you use hiking poles. As a result of this, bulky luggage will not restrict you.

Traveling for Work

On the other hand, on a business trip, you’re expected to leave a good impression. It does not matter if you are in the meeting hall, giving a lecture at the conference or sightseeing around town. Choose a comfortable, elegant and durable spinner the size of which would depend on the length of your trip. This doubles as investing in your professional image.

Visiting Your Loved Ones

When visiting your family and friends overseas, you can be more comfortable and choose a budget option and dust off your old travel bag. You will be able to wash and reuse your own clothes or borrow that extra phone charger if yours is not efficient enough. Just remember to check out our notice about different voltage used per country further on.

a girl with a suitcase

For a leisure trip no matter the distance, consider casual clothes

Carefully Select Your Travel Essentials

Do You Really Need That Shirt?

Not going to attend anything formal during your travel? In that case, do not pack a pantsuit or a power-style dress. If you’re going on a last-minute trip with your sweetheart or BFF, you will be good to go with your most comfortable everyday clothes. After all, you’re in it for fun, not fashion! In the opposite case, you might want to cut down on your sleepwear and bring an extra pair of comfortable business shoes. Spare underwear and socks are something you will always need, but unless you’re an Instagram influencer, you don’t have to change three different outfits per day.

Your Whole Bathroom Locker is not Required

Unless this is your first trip far from home, you more than likely have the experience in matters such as what medicines and other remedies you will need, in addition to the basic hygiene products. Most people will experience conditions such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, jet lag or perhaps a light cold. Stick to your basic kit, your daily therapy, and anti-allergy and anti-inflammation products that work for you. When it comes to cosmetics, take only what you need and mind the safety requirements provided by the airline, bus company or the border control. After all, you can buy some items at your destination.

Mind Your Tech Essentials, too!

If you plan to work while on your trip, double-check all of your technology before you leave. Is your laptop battery powerful enough to last while you are drawing an illustration for your client from a terrace with a scenic view? Is there enough space on your memory cards? Does your shaver, depilatory device, electric toothbrush, kettle or anything else work in a specific country, or will you need an adapter to use sockets and convert to different voltage? You don’t want to burn that expensive tablet.

Being a Neat Freak is not Necessarily Bad

When carrying a lot of small items, you will inevitably end up with a mess in your bag. Use zip-bags, separators, small and light boxes, and similar packing hacks to make sure you’re always able to find what you need without digging through your entire suitcase.

a suitcase lock

Remember to check locks on your luggage before you travel!

Take all Necessary Precautions

Always have the Basics at Hand

Airlines are sometimes notorious for misplaced and lost luggage on long trips. This might be one of the reasons people normally use the services of a moving company such as Purple Heart Moving Group when transferring their belongings.But things are different when you are travelling on your own. Make sure that all of your cosmetic and wardrobe essentials, as well as your go-to gadgets and clean underwear, are always at your reach. Keep your money close to you and hidden from view – better safe than sorry.

Thief-Proof Your Luggage

Nobody wants to be robbed on a bus in a foreign city or have their suitcase open while they sleep at the station. Neither do you. Choose backpacks, bags, and suitcases with safety locks. If a backpack does not have one, you can even go with a ridiculous albeit effective travel hack, such as a small padlock. Pick codes that are memorable to you, but otherwise not easy to guess.

Is This Item Allowed?

Some countries hold bans on specific items, whether it’s for safety reasons, disease-related or a result of a leftover law that has not been overturned. There are items that you cannot take on an airplane, either. Use a reliable guide to check what is allowed and what is not and do not be afraid to search deeper if your travel destination has any particular restrictions and bans.

Long distance travel packing guide
You are now ready for long distance travel.

We hope that our long distance travel packing guide made your travel planning easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy your trip!

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