My Dream Home


my house

Besides the lake among the hill

I dream to build a sweet little home

Red and white with beautiful hue

A peaceful place full of happiness and joy

Away from the hustle and bustle of life

A place where nature will flourish with charm

beautiful lake

My house will have a beautiful garden

With trees and birds and a colored fountain

I will plant their roses and tulips and Lilly

And trees where birds will make their nests

Besides the lake I will put a swing

To enjoy the summer and winter and rain 


The sun will shine, with its spring warmth

The breeze will remind of the evening song

Where I could sleep in peace under moonlight

Where the days will be happy and topped with Joy

 Full of the natures Love and pride

My dream home will be a place divine!!!

HomeI have never wanted to have a lot in life all I want is to be happy with whatever I have. Small yet mine full of all natures beauty and love. Where I could even enjoy the silence and fall in love with the surrounding. This is how I plan to build my dream home. A warm and cozy small little place!!!

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