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6 Amazing Drink & Dine Experiences

Eating tasty food and enjoying amazing drinks is a pleasing activity for anyone, but doing this in a special place only increases the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. To go along with your exotic environment, whether it is a sunny beach or an icy mountain slope, special food is always preferred. Imagine eating your own personalized chocolates while talking to fish underwater? Well, here’s where you can go to have one of the 6 amazing drink & dine experiences!

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4 Basic Skills and Equipment for Taking Attention-grabbing Food Photos

Over the past few years — thanks to the emergence of excellent smartphone cameras — food photography has gone from a niche art to an interest that everyone (seemingly) wants to be a part of. However, while everyone can snap a photo of their dinner, there is still a substantial difference between well thought-out, high-quality images and something that was taken in only a few seconds.

Having expensive professional cameras and lenses can seriously up your food photography (as long as you actually know how to utilize them), but there are other pieces of equipment and (more importantly) skills that are far more necessary.

If you want to take your food photography to the next level and produce shots that are both appealing and display your vision, then keep reading to learn the four basic skills and equipment for taking attention-grabbing food photos.

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