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Top 12 most beautiful sights of India

India is the land of contrasts with an incredibly rich culture and delicious food. The north of the country is mountainous and here are many highlights of the country. But you will also find beautiful sights in other parts of the country. India is huge and its versatility makes it difficult to make a selection of highlights. But you should definitely not miss these twelve sights during your trip through India. Continue reading Top 12 most beautiful sights of India

Beautiful Mountains To Visit Before You Die

When you think about a tremendous inspirational landscape, what comes to your mind? Whether you’re hiking, skiing or even sightseeing, the mountains are natural wonders that are worth traveling. From magnificent colorful Peru to Mount Fuji in Japan, we’ve rounded up surprising facts and photos of the world’s most pictorial peaks.

Keep traveling scrolling to explore majestic peaks for some adventurous travel. Continue reading Beautiful Mountains To Visit Before You Die