most beautiful mountains in the world

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World – Have you ever, while sitting in the car, gazing outside have thought, “Man! This world is so beautiful!”? 

We bet you have said this on your last trip to the mountains. It is true. This world is so beautiful that some scenic views make us doubt our eyes. We can hardly believe what we see. These majestic giants can conjure up our most primal emotions and feelings.

There is nothing like an adventure in the mountains. The sense of achievement at the peak, the breathtaking views along the way and the feeling of weightlessness as you ski down; there are so many feelings a person experiences all at once.

To add more adventure to your bucket list; here are some of the most beautiful mountains of the world that you must visit once in your lifetime.

Listed Below are the 10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World:


CUERNOS DEL PAINE - i love traveling and exploring

This crown jewel of Andes, Chile was established in 1959 as Parque Nacional de Turismo Lago Grey. It got its present name in 1970. Rising among turquoise lakes and rapids stands this massive granite art that will hold your sight for eternity. It is famous for housing spiky beautiful peaks, azure lakes, trails sneaking through emerald forests, roaring rivers, rickety bridges, and glacier.

You can be friends with Flamingos, Pumas, Gray fox and Andean condors as they are the permanent residents of this beauty.


mount thor - i love traveling and exploring

Other than mesmerizing skyline and incredible Niagara Falls, Canada takes pride in hosting the steepest cliff of all, MOUNT THOR. It is one of the greatest unexplored wildernesses. Only a few have been able to conquer it. The reason is massively visible. A sheer 4000-foot rock face is no picnic to climb.

MOUNT THOR has the honour of being the “Scariest Summit” on the planet.


How many times has it happened that you have run out of words to describe what you saw and felt? ALPAMAYO does this to its visitor. Its beauty is beyond explanation. Sitting calmly, all covered in snow at the height of 19,511 ft in Cordillera Blanca, Peru, ALPAMAYO is the most beautiful mountain in the world.

For all those who always wanted to touch the sky, here is your chance. Visit this magnificent craft of nature as its pyramidal form end in a pointed summit that seems to taste the heavenly blue sky above.


ama dablam - i love traveling and exploring

Once considered “Unclimbable”, Ama Dablam is the dream of every Alpinist. It is the most aesthetic mountain in the Himalayas, rising as high as 22,349 ft. Its unforgettable climb will give you some surreal experience with a panoramic view of Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Despite its critical weather condition, rocky and steep climb, it attracts numerous mountaineers every year.

Do you want to know an interesting fact about Ama Dablam?

Ama Dablam means “Mother’s Pendant” in Sherpa because its summit looks like a mother hugging her child, and “Dablam” is the massive hanging serac near the summit, which looks like a holy locket.


Half Dome is the most iconic attraction in the Yosemite Valley, Nevada, California. It is the most desirable trekking destination for climbers. The rising number of mountaineers every year at Half Dome is why a day hike in the park requires a permit. It is at an elevation of 8838 ft. The peak is a real treat for the eye.

 If you plan to take your next hiking trip here, get ready to be mesmerized by what awaits you at Half Dome.


This peak is in Antarctica. Isn’t the name of the place enough to excite you to take the expedition? Ulvetanna peak appears to be like granite fangs spearing through the endless white desert. It is in one of the most remote corners of the planet.

On a serious note, as beautiful as they look, the jewel in the crown of the Orvinfjell Mountains in Queen Maud Land, Eastern Antarctica, is known for testing the limit of those who desire to conquer it.


mount asgard - i love traveling and exploring

Mt. Asgard, also known as “Sivanitirutinguak” is in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island. One look and you will feel as if you are in some mystical realm. Mount Asgard is a twin-peaked mountain with two flat-topped cylindrical rock towers at a magnificent height of 6610 feet. It is the fifth-highest peak and one of the highest peaks in Eastern Canada and North America.


Laila Peak is in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro Glacier in the Karakoram Range. It is present at an elevation of 20,000 feet. Its distinctive pointed ends and grandeur will make chills run down your spine. Covered with snow from top to bottom, the beauty of this pyramid is incredible. 

We bet you will be spell bounded with its charm and natural aura. 


Located at sky touching height of 20308 feet in the Alaska Range, USA is the third most prominent and most isolated peak out of the seven summits after Everest. The unpredictable weather and storms sometimes make the condition worse, or else it is a stunning and picturesque location to be at.


Matterhorn - i love traveling and exploring

Oh! This beauty reaching the height of heaven is a must-visit place. As if Switzerland’s landscape was not enough, this cragged rock “tooth” is no less than a magnet that attracts everyone from all around the world. The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the highest summer ski region in Europe.

If you do not believe in love at first sight, visit MATTERHORN in the Pennine Alps, Italy and Switzerland and see how the magic of the mountain’s simplicity and glory will take over your heart.

“Mountains are calling” This probably would have been the millionth time you are reading this sentence. But, this also makes the love people have for the mountains obvious! If you are a Travel Freak and Love Nature, then, Don’t forget to Explore these Most Beautiful Mountains in the World.

Remember, they might appear super strong but, their beauty is very delicate. Due to escalated tourism and footfall on mountains, their beauty gets hampered by our irresponsible actions like littering.

Do not go by their physicality; their beauty is as fragile as a feather.

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