10 Reasons Why Bangkok and Pattaya is the Perfect Bachelorette Place

Bangkok and Pattaya are well-known cities for its nightlife and sexy ladyboys. Thailand is said to be a paradise for the boys, where they can turn their fantasies into reality. There are a plethora of discos, pubs, lounges, strip clubs in the sin cities. There are many interesting things to do when on a Bangkok and Pattaya Tour like participating in thrilling water sports, enjoying the wild parties and of course when you get tired of all these things take a world-famous relaxing Thai massage. A Bachelorette trip to Bangkok and Pattaya is going to give you unforgettable memories throughout your married life.

10 Reasons Why Bangkok and Pattaya is the Perfect Bachelorette Place are:

  • Enjoy Wacky Nightlife
  • Adult Shows
  • Relaxing Massages
  • On Arrival Visa
  • Thrilling Water Sports
  • Skydiving
  • Go, Bar Hopping
  • Comparatively Affordable
  • Visit Unorthodox Ice Bar
  • Enjoy Dirt Bike and F1 Racing

#1 Enjoy Wacky Nightlife

Bangkok and Pattaya are the two most popular cities for their nightlife. Whether a live DJ or a pool party. You can meet all your wild party desires on a Bangkok and Pattaya Tour, just visit walking the street and enjoy the glamour on the street with your friends. We recommend planet earth beach club, ras club, club insomnia in Pattaya and levels club and lounge and insanity in Bangkok.

#2 Adult Shows

Adult Shows - ilovetravelingandexploring

Many people visit Bangkok and Pattaya for their adult shows. There are many shows like 69 shows in Pattaya, big eye shows and ping pong shows which happen both in Bangkok and Pattaya. Watching an adult show with friends is the perfect thing to do on a bachelorette tour to Bangkok and Pattaya. 

#3 Thrilling Water Sports

Thrilling Water Sports - ilovetravelingandexploring

Image Source

Bangkok and Pattaya tour is not only about the nightlife, in fact, but the places also offer many thrilling water sports like parasailing, sea walk, snorkeling, scuba diving, skimboarding, wakeboarding, flyboarding, windsurfing, Kite surfing, jet surfing, banana boat and much more. Pattaya’s coral island is famous for all the thrilling water sports activities.   

#4 On Arrival Visa

The best reason to take a Bangkok and Pattaya tour for a bachelorette is that you get on arrival visa. As of this year, Thailand is amongst the 41 countries that offer on-arrival visas to the Indian passport holders and thus is one of the most visited countries by the Indians. There are other countries too like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Jordan, Kenya that offer on arrival visa but are not the kind of places you go for a bachelorette trip.

#5 Skydiving

Sky diving - ilovetravelingandexploring

Image Source

Accomplish your dream bachelorette tour with the exhilarating skydiving experience. Many of you might dream of a bachelorette trip like the one in ZNMD(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara), going on crazy fun festivals, experiencing the thrill while skydiving and dancing and grooving in the night bars. Take a Bangkok Pattaya tour and meet all your expectations of a perfect bachelorette tour.

#6 Relaxing Massages

Relaxing Massages - ilovetravelingandexploring

Image Source

After all the hustle-bustle of adventure sports sleepless nights spent in night clubs, you can steal some time for the serene massages. These massages give warmth and relaxation to the body. Though these massages can make you feel fresh if you are on a bachelorette trip, you should try non veg massage like the soapy ones, sandwich massages, and many others to make the trip more memorable.

#7 Go, Bar Hopping

You can experience bar hopping as there is a single street called the “walking street” consisting of many bars of the place. Bar hopping is a good idea in Pattaya and Bangkok as you wouldn’t waste your time traveling from one place to another instead you can utilize that time partying in 3 more bars.

#8 Comparatively Affordable

It is one of the prominent reasons why you should take a Bangkok Pattaya tour. If you compare Bangkok and Pattaya to other bachelorette places like Ibiza, Barcelona, Vegas than Bangkok and Pattaya tour package will turn out to be the cheapest one. Apart from affordability, it offers almost all the fun that other places like Vegas do, in fact, Bangkok is called the vegas of the east. 

#9 Visit Unorthodox Ice Bar

Unorthodox Ice Bar - ilovetravelingandexploring

Image Source

Though there are endless things to do on a Bangkok and Pattaya tour V2O Cocktail Bar should surely be in your to-do list. The temperature of the place goes down as -20% and the only thing which can keep you warm and active is the favorite drink you order. This is an unusual concept and a must-try place, try not to skimp on this place.     

#10 Enjoy Dirt Bike and go-cart Racing

Dirt Bike & Go-Kart Racing - ilovetravelingandexploring

Image Source

Partying in the night and enjoying sports in the day sounds like a perfect bachelorette plan. Doesn’t it? Get all revved up on the track, there are 3-4 karting tracks in Bangkok and Pattaya for all the speed lovers. The course includes 2 long tracks and some tricky turns to test your nerves. The price of the carting is pre-decided based on the CCs you pick. If you are in a large group then do try a dirt bike, and race with your friends on the dirt tracks to make the best of Bangkok and Pattaya tour.

Are you ready for the most Thrilling and Memorable trip of your life?

Above mentioned are the top 10 reasons to take a Bangkok and Pattaya tour for a perfect bachelorette. Do not make this once in a lifetime opportunity boring. Be daring to participate in every activity and this trip is surely going to be an unforgettable one for you and your friends.

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