London Travel Tips

7 Travel Tips for London First Time Visitors

Visiting London is a dream for many people. They are enchanted by the images British History can paint with just a few words by famous authors. If you are going to get a chance to live this dream of yours, we will make sure there are as few hiccups in your trip as possible. The blog aims to offer valuable information that will come in handy to those visiting London for the very first time and not sure what to do and where to begin from. A travel to a place is incomplete without 3 main aspects:

Travel & Explore

This one’s obvious when you have gone to another country for this single reason. Following are the tips to make your stay enjoyable and yet memorable.

  • Either walk, ride a bike, use Tube (The London Metro) or Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

London is a huge city with fairly old footprints on the map of time. Though it has taken up a modern garb, the authentic London would need some exploration, which is not a small task. Someplace will be closer that could be covered by foot or on the bike while others in some far corner are best done by the London Tube or HOHO Bus. HOHO Bus covers all the major attractions (and which comes with a free ticket to Thames Cruise). The red double-decker bus can save you money as well. Planning this would be best.

  • Save time wherever you can

In a big city like London, time would always feel scarce so make the best of it. Most of the major attractions are covered under ‘passes option, available for single as well as multiple days depending on how long your stay in London. Another time-saving option is fast-track tickets which save you from getting stuck in queues, even if slightly costly.And for those running out of time, airport taxi to gatwick worthing can be a life Savior. Booking online for places and activities is another way to scratch some more minutes and in some cases hours or time which also comes slightly cheaper.

  • Use Oyster Card or Contact-less Credit Card for using Public Transportation

The efficient public transport system is best paid by these cards, which is not only cheaper but also save the precious currency notes that might be needed in an unavoidable situation, who knows. Having some loose cash never lets you down. And you need to have one card per person and kids are charged as adults through cards so having cash would save some precious money here.

  • Lesser-known places

When you are done with the major attractions, it’s time for some exploration. You would want to check out some quirky places, local markets, museums of all kinds, and parks that are increasingly making London appear more beautiful than ever. In the list, mentioned are some of the most popular yet free or low-cost attractions. Do try these.


  • Pre-book everything

You would want to end up on the streets or in less-than-expected places after having reached London and knowing that all the good accommodations are already occupied or are available with a price-hike. So, make reservations with much time in hand which will also allow you to have many options.

  • Stay in the hub of activity

Booking in cheaper accommodations located far away from the main London might be tempting but a sure shot way to waste an extensive amount of time in commuting since all the major activities and attractions are in Central London. Taking a slightly higher priced hotel here would save you from daily unnecessary commute which might ultimately cost you more, who knows.

Eat & Drink

  • Is it a full English Breakfast or a hearty Sunday Lunch or just traditional Fish-n-Chips

You must have heard about “when in Rome dress like Romans”. The same goes for food as well, otherwise you wouldn’t have experienced London in its truest sense. You can visit places like Notting Hill, known to have some great restaurants. And anywhere ask for Sunday Roast ending it with a Yorkshire pudding. Shoreditch place is amazing for a night out and chilling. Explore the area and have fun when you are done treating yourself with many food markets like Borough Market.

With these handy tips, we hope you enjoy your London trip more than an average tourist to the city.

Author Bio

John Grey is a food, traveller blogger travelled all across the world and love to share his knowledge and experience regarding travel related viewers and audience.

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