Tips on Renting a Right Limo Service

A limo service will give you once in a lifetime experience of luxury which everyone should try at least once in their life. This is nothing but renting a car with a driver that is pre booked for any occasion or a service. It is generally a sedan or a stretch limo in certain nations.

Limos are booked like hot cakes in the wedding months of August, September and October and at times June. They are specials for proms, corporate travels, airport transportation, bachelorhood parties and so on. Peak Season for limos are summers.

To rent a right limo from the best limo service, here are some tips:

  • A nice holiday gift-a limo: Gift a limo ride for your near and dear one on their special occassion like a birthday or for a spa sessions or a night out or a christmas present. Plan well to make it happen within a budget and book in advance to avoid last minute hassles and costs.
  • Avoid weekend travel or take in on a weekday– Generally weekend limos are costlier and booked. Hence, taking or gifting a limo ride on a weekday is much convenient to get and affordable. There are companies that offer good deals as well for weekdays.
  • Group travel– Limo services are charged by car which can be a 6 or 8 or 10 passengers carrier. Usually of these, 6-passenger limo is cheaper in comparison to others. Some good deals are given on these where you can save money and good in reliability and service.
  • Check on the price and on what you are paying-When we hire a limo, we have to pay the gasoline. The miles are estimated and fee is squeezed in. Parking tolls and road tolls, driver’s gratuity and so on are included, so check the price quote properly so as not to shed out more prices.
  • Indications of trouble– Look for updated chauffeur’s licences, maintenance of the car, hire insurances and other overhead expenses to avoid trouble. A company that takes 50% deposit or full advance payment is best to avoid. Also check if additional bulky charges are quoted on their drinks and other snacks in the limo in the passenger area.
  • Negotiate- The prices of limo companies are generally about the same, the differences are on the perks they offer. Check on them and negotiate the price for an overall discount. Check on the various deals that can be taken and to be avoided to add in on the overall price. Check on the fleet which is enough to be taken than going on the grand high end priced ones.

A reliable Limo Service offers check on the above tabs and provide their customer with a fair deal and price. The reliability, trustworthiness, professionalism, right customer service, price and in overall a pleasure and a memorable ride is what a genuine service shall give to its clients. The quality of ride is high and drivers are top notch professional and go an extra mile to offer their customer with 100% customer satisfaction.

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