6 best airlines for economy class travel

The 6 Best Airlines for Economy Class Travel

If you are thinking of taking a long-distance economy class trip, you will want to read this!

The website airlineratings.com reviewed the major airlines and presented to their readers which are the best airlines to travel in economy class.

When we talk about long distance travel the comfort factor takes on another importance and it was with that in mind that the site editors did this study.

Taking into account the comfort and space of the seats, reclining seats, drink and food options, communications and entertainment available on board, the choice fell on this list which does not include European or North American airlines.



The New Zealand flag company does not forget that most of its customers travel economically, thus providing a unique flight experience with the famous Sky-couch, a cabin section that transforms three seats into a sofa, allowing passengers traveling more leisurely. If we add their warm scones with jelly and cream, or the fruit salad to accompany the tea of ​​the five, we can see why Air New Zealand is part of this list.


The company based in the United Arab Emirates excels in the quality of its service. From the choice of three dishes to the meal, past the hot desserts, the use of wi-fi available in almost any fleet or entertainment system on board E-box, Etihad is understandably one of the best airlines for traveling in economy class.


Generous meals, entertainment for all tastes, self-service snacks and sweets, comfortable seats, lumbar supports, foot rests, cuddly cushions, warm blankets, nothing is missing from the customer who chooses Singapore.


The Australian company, a world reference in terms of safety, is also part of this list for the quality of its on-board entertainment offer, which is recognized as one of the best in the world. Qantas airways are offering business class tickets to Copenhagen in lowest price.


Voted the best economy class 2009, Qatar Airways continues to strive for the quality of its service, which makes it one of the best airlines for travel in economy class in the world.


Named the best airline in both the Executive and Premium segments, Thai Airways is also a benchmark airline for economy class travel.

Quality meals (and quantity!), Careful service, competitive prices and comfort make Thai a reliable choice for economy class travel.

Adding to this list are Korean Air, Eva Air, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, all highlighted in the study of airlineratings.com for the quality of service on their economy class trips.


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