How to travel the World with No Money

How to Travel the World with almost No Money – The Ultimate Guide

Yes, this sounded equally weird to me as it might sound to anyone else reading this blog. Aren’t we scared with the thought of leaving even our home with almost no money? And Travelling the World without Money sounds really impossible. But yes, this is possible, and isn’t it what we always dream of? Besides how better it could get that you’re paid for what you love to do.

“If traveling was free you would never see me again”

So today let me share some ideas on:

How to travel the world with no Money?

  • House-Sitter – So this is one of the easiest ways to travel without spending bucks if you are open to the idea of taking care of someone else’s house. There are many sites that help you look for owners who are looking for house-minders and you can make sure to visit such site and look out for a house owner in need across the world.
  • English Tutors – There are so many countries all across the globe which allows you the opportunity to teach English as a Job. Many sites reflect these jobs, and if you are lucky enough you can find a job for yourself and enjoy your trip. But obviously, like other options you cannot get into this job for a shorter period of 1 or 2 months rather it can be an engagement of minimum 8 months to 1 year. But definitely you can explore surrounding as it is said the world is too big to be explored in one lifetime, so just keep exploring and enjoy your stay at the place.
  • AU-Pairs – Yes, the word seems not very familiar, isn’t it but this is one of the most awesome ways to travel the work and enjoy the authentic culture of people all across the globe. So who an Au-pair basically is? They are mostly young people of age group 20-30, who live as a helper in a foreign country, for tasks like childcare or some housework as well. Yes, this idea might not sound best to some people, but you can enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the people and get to know them more closely. In return for their services the AU-Pairs are offered with money, food and stay and this can prove to be a very easy way to travel the world.
  • Qualified Instructor – If you are good at any particular sports, like mountain climbing, Skiing or any other, you can make good use of the skill and become a skilled instructor with tourist agencies and travel the world teaching the skills to people all across the globe. Besides if you speak different languages this can be a big plus for you as these agencies tend to hire people who might speak the native language of the tourists so that communication can get better.
  • Work as a Tourist Guide – This is one of the best ways you can travel and gather knowledge of places all across the globe. Even the idea of leading a group of people through some historical places all across the globe seems so exciting. In fact this can be an opportunity to travel through a lot of places as you can lead a group to different cities in.
  • Tour Organizer – This again is a very good way to travel if you are good at organizing tours and travels. There are so many Travel companies and agencies that will help you travel for free undertaking your expenses in return for your service as a trip organizer and leader for them. So by becoming a trip organizer, you can travel at no cost anywhere across the world.
  • Couch-surfing – Couch-surfing basically connects members from all across the globe or I can say travelers from all across the world. This can be used to find a place to stay anywhere in the world or even if you wish to host for a Couch surfing you can do that. There are so many people generous enough to share their home with travelers but always remember they are being humane by sharing their space, respect it and be thankful. Make sure to offer your help for tasks like cooking or care taking as a sign of your thankfulness.
  • Cover your food expenses – This might not seem like the best idea to many but you can use this to have free food while you travel. Many bakeries and eateries through away the food that was not sold in the day and if you are lucky enough and ready to ask you might get more food then you need at the end of the day while these shops are closing for the day. But make sure you try this with small family shops and business; they are very generous and would definitely offer you the food as they might end up throwing it anyway.
  • Summer Camps – This is quite a fun way to travel and earn, You might want to work in one of those summer camps in the US and earn for yourself and when the camp is over you can travel the US with that money, how easy it could get. Every year round in America there are so many summer camps laid with little kids waiting to have fun, be a kid again and enjoy the camps as a camp counselor while saving yourself bucks to travel. If you are not very lucky you might not earn a lot but definitely you can enjoy the camp at no cost.
  • Carpooling – If you love traveling on roads, carpooling is another way to travel by spending almost no money. You can find a group of travelers and share the trip finances and if you lucky enough you might just end up saving all your fuel charge

So, I hope this will give you all an idea of how you could cover your travel expenses and travel the world. Surely if not all you still would end up covering most of your expenses.

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