Monsoon an Off Season to Visit Goa?

I have always heard people say that Goa is best in times of winter, while monsoon is considered as an off season to visit Goa. Somehow, I got a chance to visit Goa once again and this time during the monsoons and trust me Goa has a complete different side which can only be explored during this so called off season “Monsoon”. To every one who believes that Goa is all about Metal music and Rush, Drinks and Dance, Poker and Night life, let me tell you Goa has another story hidden inside. It is also about Lush Greenery and Beautiful Roads stretched all along, Empty beaches and Peace along the shore, Drizzling rain and Walk along the shore. So if you are a peace lover just like me and not so fond of the rush, do visit Goa once in the Off Season and trust me you would have never found Goa so beautiful.


My trip was a small one just for a week long and I was more focused on the peace and running away from this monotonous working life than exploring something this time. Since the time my plane landed in Goa, the rain was drizzling and not the kind of heavy rain when you are stuck inside the hotel room but the kind of light romantic one when you can simply enjoy walking along. I had never seen so sudden change in the weather until I visited Goa this monsoon, a second before it was raining and then its sunny and then within a minute the clouds gather again, the weather in this season is pretty unpredictable. Since monsoon is not full of visitors in Goa, you can book hotels at a very cheaper rates. I preferred staying in south Goa as I already mentioned I am more found of peace than rush. while South Goa is all about authentic Goan culture, North Goa is pretty much adaptable since it is more famous among the visitors.


If you are planning a trip to Goa, I would suggest taking an activa or a car on rent for as many days as you stay, since the taxi fares in Goa are pretty high and there is no services available by Ola or Uber. We took an activa for the trips since the weather was cool and it kept on drizzling time to time. We made visits to many beaches which were completely Lonely and you could not see any one except for the care takers on the beach. It was so calm and peaceful, life seemed complete. We took long walk along the sea shore and you could literally hear the sound of waves and sea birds. There are some beaches with small shafts and shops near by, Also you have drinks available, so grab a bottle of bear and chill along the sea shore, Soak in the sun and enjoy the waves. We spent one complete day exploring south Goa, which according to me is majestic, simply breath-taking. The roads are full of lush greenery, Palm trees all along the side, There are small and beautiful houses located at quite a long distance from other.

goa church

Infact the monsoon makes Goa much greener than ever it would be. You could see all kinds of flora and fauna during this season. The next day we planned exploring the north and it is quite a long distance on an activa, I would suggest taking a car on rent. Traveling and Exploring had never been so fun for me, the roads and the view made the trip worth the pain. We visited few churches, North Goa has some very famous beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Calangut, but trust me the beaches of the south Goa are much more serene than the north, The Betalbatim, The Colva, The butterfly beach, The Sunset beach and many more beaches that make a part of south Goa are simply breath-taking. Goa also covers many beautiful waterfalls, Doodh Sagar being one of the most eye catching one. It is at a distance of around 45 km from Panjim, Goa, but the long drive is worth the wait. The name Doodh sagar is given to it, since the falls appear completely milky white and hence the name.

Dudhsagar-Falls goa

So from all the experience that I had, I would definitely say, Monsoon is the best time to visit Goa, if you are looking for a beautiful, romantic and a peaceful time away from all the rush of the cities, do visit Goa once in this so called Off Season, The Love Season ” Monsoon”.

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