Amazing Ahmedabad: What to See in the Grandest City of Gujarat

Talk to anyone about Gujarat, and chances are that you would hear more about Ahmedabad than about any other city. Though Gandhinagar is crowned as the capital of Gujarat, it is Ahmedabad (called Amdavad too) that hogs the limelight for its size and grandeur, the culture, commercial success, the sight-seeing options and the lip-smacking delicacies that one can enjoy.

Ahmedabad offers a plethora of options if you wish to visit malls, bustling bazaars, cultural sites or intend to explore amusement parks. But what makes the city different is its architecture with its mausoleums and centuries-old buildings, temples and mosques.
So if happen to visit the amazing Ahmedabad City, do not forget to visit these following iconic sites!

Jama Masjid

If stories of the Jama Masjid’s origins are to be believed, then it definitely does not cover itself in much glory. Apparently, pieces from various demolished Hindu and Jain temples were used to put it together. Believe what you want to, but the fact remains; if you happen to be an avid admirer of architecture, no place else in Ahmedabad would inspire you as much as this 15th Century mosque would. Intricate carvings dominate the 260 pillars, while the light through the latticework screens inside would leave anyone in awe. All in all, this is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad.

Kankaria Lake

As far as the water bodies of Ahmedabad are concerned, it is the Kankaria Lake that evokes the most wonder, especially if you pay a visit in the evening. Not that it’s any less pretty during the day, but it’s after sunset that the lake truly comes to life. Full of colourful lights, entertainment zones, food stalls and a ton of activities that includes balloon and water rides, it is THE place in Ahmedabad if you want to relax with your partner, friends, or family. The lake has become Ahmedabad’s most popular picnic spot, and after all that has been said about it, that comes as no surprise.

Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium

If you didn’t know it already, cricket is a religion in India, and this is the biggest cricket arena in not just Ahmedabad, but the entirety of Gujarat. Established in 1982, the stadium has seen its fair share of changes through the years. From a host of state level cricket matches to one of the most well-known international cricket venues, this is more than your average stadium. It holds a whopping 49,000 people, and a trip to Ahmedabad would be left incomplete if you don’t witness a match in this cathedral of cricket in Gujarat.

Sabarmati Ashram

Food, culture, and commerce aside, Ahmedabad is also a city that has close ties to the Indian freedom struggle, which finally ended with the birth of an independent India in 1947. Sabarmati Ashram was at the centre of that freedom struggle, primarily because it was the shelter of Mahatma Gandhi, perhaps the most prominent figure in India’s march to freedom. Today, the Ashram is a haven for students of Indian history, and houses a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, which showcase many of the legendary Indian leader’s personal belongings.

Author Bio: The author has been in awe of Ahmedabad for a long time. He travels to the city every once in a while, and apart from revelling in the best places to visit in Ahmedabad, he also takes pleasure from some of the city’s more simple offerings.


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