I love travelling and exploring

Because I Love the Road!!

Travelling on road

Every day, I take the same road all the way from home to office and back to home and yet this is the best time of the day I have and it’s all because, this is the time in the whole day I stick to the road. Everyday though the road is the same yet, I can tell the difference, in the aura, in the sunlight, in the faces I see and this makes my complete day a new one from the other.

I love roads

While I take the road to office I come across a wild field where sometimes I spot deer, and sometimes peacock. I still remember watching some unique birds and even white pigs. Sometimes they come in group, and something I can see a complete family. I love to check the field daily. When in rain I have even seen the peacock dancing around and the smile that it game me, was much more than the artificial laugh I put up many times a day. At night seeing the sun setting down giving the sky a complete different colour gives me peace, an eternal feeling of job that cannot be explained. In winters while I can feel the chill, the rough heat from the days in summers makes me realize the changing seasons and makes me feel alive as if yes I am there.


Sometimes I wish that may be the road could never come to an end. I wish maybe I could keep going on and on, I am not sure where but I just wish I could keep on going. Because I Love the Road and this is the only time when I can, feel yes I am not a machine but a Human, that yes I am Alive!!


Just Sharing my feelings and of most of the regular office goers I guess, if you too feel the same thumbs -up for the time!!

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