SHE – a broken soul !!


Peeping slightly from the sides of her Bag

She looked towards the all blue Sky and the green road sides

It was just another usual day she was biking with a friend to office

Sitting behind she did put her head down and with open eyes

Kept peeping through the long roads full of greenery

There at that moment she had this weird feeling

What Was She Doing?


Working for year has made her loose all the Love that she had for herself

She has started falling Sick, losing her charm, her eyes are going dark

And the spark that made her glow even in the hardest time is Lost

She is graying

And all this is for what?

When she is not even happy!!


She loved the blue and the green hue

She loved the warmth of the sun in Sky

She wanted to sleep in the grasses beneath the Sky

All she wanted was to live for her

Enjoy being alive

Enjoy each Moment

Enjoy the aroma of the spring

The First rain on the dry Skin of Earth

All she wanted was a day to embrace her and Fall in Love with her again!!


Who is she??

She is Me, She is you

She is anyone and everyone whose love for life is much more than mere Money

She is the one who loves to live

She is the one who has lost her soul in the busy world

She is the one who does what she is doing without having any clue “WHY”

She is a broken soul!!

For anyone who has ever had this feeling within your heart that getting up each day going to the work and following the routine just to earn is not what you are made for, its time you take a break and start living for yourself. Not everyone is blessed with this amazing feeling inside heart that can make you give up everything for your passion so if you are blessed with this courage go for it!!

You Might Not Get Another Life!!

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