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Perks of being with a Traveler!!

Take me with you Yesterday while me and my all way travel partner were sitting together going through the web, we came across an article which listed how life gets exciting if your partner is a travel freak and I really wanted to share this with all you lovely readers, Do Let me Know your Views! So here is the list of few things I really found out to be very true!

  • A Traveler is a story within himself – No one can deny but a travel lover has been through so much of the wilderness and places that people generally keep on planning of he has tons of stories of places to share with you. There is no way you can ever get bored with him/her. She/he is just an amazing person to hang out with as you will always have something to discuss and learn new of places unseen! Exciting it is, isn’t it?
  • A Traveler knows how to Manage in Less – Yes, that’s really true, if I give an example of myself, I am always aware of the lowest price fares as well as the best yet a bit cheaper stay and foodie homes. Not to forget the main reason always stays that saving a little bit can make me travel somewhere more and see some another exciting and adventurous journey.

Travel with me

  • All a Traveler needs is a Map and a Bag – That’s a big truth, I never need a lot of packing or baggage’s to collect my journey items. All I need is a backpack with first aid, Map and water and few clothes. That is it and this is what with which I can go around the Globe.
  • A Traveler can make you life more Adventurous – That is again a big truth if you are a friend to a traveler you get to experience so many places, adventures that you might have never ever planned of ever. They change your life from a boring day to day routine to time to time fun sports, bike rides, camping and many more.


  • They are aware of all the Foodie Points and the Sights on a Destination – This is another very obvious thing and benefit of having a traveler friend. As he/she will always know where to dine for the night or where to stay at best prices. Where you should visit while you are on a trip and how the journey can be most exciting. They are easy to get along with as they have been with people from different culture and they are most friendly ones, open minded and will always make your life interesting!

So with all these points I get my thoughts to end. Let me know your thoughts all; share what you feel it’s to be like if you have a travel freak… (Dedicated to my Partner Naveen, who has been there in my entire journey making all my travel experience more amazing and beautiful)

3 thoughts on “Perks of being with a Traveler!!”

    This all reminds me of my travel partner who always gives me a great company to everywhere, even to the end of the earth!
    And above all, I think a traveler is an observer too. They will be having more experience over everything; culture, food and of course life!

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  2. Travelling is one of the best things you can do! Is inspiring, renewing, build great memories and experiencing other cultures enrich your spirit and soul…I am glad for all the travelling time I did… 🙂


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