Zoo Trip

Trip to the World of Wildlife!


Hey Everyone,

It has been long since I wrote last time and it really feels that I have been missing something out of my daily routine. Keeping busy and messed up with some of the stuffs, I could actually not give a lot of time here, but I guess I am back now!

So here I go with my another lovely trip to the ZOO which actually made me go awestruck with the amazing life within it. Nature and its wonderful creatures have been inspiring me since a kid and to spend a day in the lap of wildlife was just like a soothing effect from the daily work for me!

Far away from the city the place is situated in the city outskirt and is an awesome weekend destination. You can find all kind of animals and birds living freely far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in A place for contentment!

Take a look on Some of the Amazing Wildlife at the ZOO!


The Bengal tiger


4birds wildlife



White Peacock



The day spent was so amazing that I wish I could enjoy it a lot more. The bike ride with my friend the dusty roads the beautiful aura and the clear and aroma filled winds of the forest. Really a Weekend couldn’t have been better for me!

I hope you like the images… Stay connected all my Lovely Reader 🙂

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