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My Travelling Trip!

Leh ladakh trip

Travelling is the essence of life for me, it is something that keeps on inspiring me, makes me believe that life is amazing. Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. A new dawn with it brings a new hope that I would find something new to explore and each setting sun makes me count what have I seen today. Yes, with work around I have not been able to follow the route lately but nothing can make my love for travelling go less. So today, I would like to share what like to share what I have recently planned for my travelling trip.

Leh and Ladakh, is supposed to be one of the most beautiful destinations in India, with clear mountains, beautiful water bodies, amazing aura. The sky seems to be bluer and the wind is so amazing here that it feels like you are in heaven on earth. No this is not it, what I have planned for this trip is an amazing bike ride all the way to Ladakh. Obviously when I count for a trip it is never a relaxed one but just another adventurous Journey for me.


Imaging the fun, Bike Ride obviously with my best buddy and travel partner always(Thanks for being there buddy), Long open roads, stopping by small tea stalls and camping all on the way. I have been to several camping trips in past and have shared some with you all lovely readers but every thought of this trip is exciting for me. I have always dreamed of a long bike trip and recently due to this over load of work I am planning to bring this thought to reality. I just feel like going on and on and never stopping when it comes to travelling and the thought of this trip excites me more than any of my other trips till date.

( P.S – I am even trying to learn biking so that I may take one of my own 🙂 )

So this is what my dream travel is going to be like. I am sure I am not going to take a long time to do the same, and once I am back from the trip, I will definitely share all the images with you! Let me know what you have planned lately for your trip.. Shoot a Comment!

Love Bhawana!

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