Snowy India

Its Snow time!

India at its best

While winter has gone to its extremes and the whether is freezing us, I am sure what all are liking in this extreme is the snowfall, which has been a craze for me even since a kid. India having different climatic conditions in each part also holds some of the most eye-catching and picturesque beautiful places when it comes to winter season. So lets take a walk through of some of the most amazing winter destinations as “ Its Snow Time “.

Shimla in Winters

Beginning with the Queen of Hills “ Shimla “, which is completely snow covered during the season, is also the place with highest tourist visitors during winters. The place not just have some of the best scenic views but is quite famous for its evenings on the ridge and the wooden market. You can collect for yourself some of the rarest antiques made of wood. The place truly stands up to the given title, “Queen of Hills “.

Auli, UK

Moving on with the next destination, Auli, situated in Uttrakhand is an awesome destination to visit this winter. Moreover if you are a freak for snow skiing or other snow sports, the place is a best adventure camp for you. Even the beginners awaiting to try skiing can visit here this winter and fulfil their dreams. The mountain slopes here are no less than any other international skiing peaks.

Jamu and Kashmir Pahelgam

The next amazing and most beautiful place to visit in winters is the “Pahalgam “ located in Jamu and Kasmir. Jamu and Kashmir also known as “Little Tibet” is famous for its rough mountains and snow covered peaks all round the year. The place has unmatchable scenic beauty and has been called as heaven on earth. Pahalgam is one of the pristine beauties of snow. Every bit of the place is filled with natures amazement, snowy peaks, riverside location and the extreme climate gives you an exciting and adventurous experience.


Another beautiful snowy experience can be met at Nainital in Uttrakhand. Nainital is a famous hill station of UK all around the year. The place has several water bodies known as Tals, which has given it a name Nainital. The place is also famous for its Corbet national park which is a hub for tigers in India. So if you visit here this winter you have a chance to experience a two in one holiday package. Enjoy the snowy whether of Nainital along with the adventurous ride to the National Park.


And finally the last most beautiful and amazing snow covered region of India in list is Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Though Manali is one of the most famous hill station among the tourist from all across the globe coming to visit India and its Natural aura. Monasteries, Temples, Cottages, everything makes the stay an amazing adventure. Besides when you drive your way to Manali all along from Shimla, the place has uncountable waterfalls. Situated at the verge of river Beas the place is a not to be missed one while you plan your winter holidays.

The above Places though are some of the most famous ones, but are just a glimpse of beautiful and snowy India. Besides there are uncountable number of other small yet beautiful and amazing small countrysides which have some of the best scenic beauties. So do not miss the fun and keep exploring as its winter and with winter comes the Holidays and with holidays Happiness…

4 thoughts on “Its Snow time!”

    1. Definitely you Should… Infact Kashmir which is also known as the Heaven on Earth is a place where the peaks are covered with snow all years round and when it comes to winters the rivers are so frozen that people do skiing over them… 🙂


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