Happy New Year 2015!


Oh, the people on the bus wear party hats,
Party hats, party hats.  

Oh, the people on the bus are blowing horns,
Blowing horns, blowing horns. 

Oh, the people on the bus say, “Happy New Year”,
“Happy New Year”,  “Happy New Year”.

A Very Happy New Year 2015 to All!

While we are standing on the verge of New Year and just few hours are left before we enter to another year, I would like to thank all of you for being a part of my life. Right away from all the people who loved me and including all the people who have hated me the year, I want to thank all of you, for being a part of my life.

If I talk truly, The year 2014 has really been very important in my life, I have met many new people while a lot of old friends left me or we are just no more in contact. Call it a destiny or my luck but everything that happened was always good and in favour to me. So God I thank you a Lot for you were with me through all the UP’s and Down’s and made my year a real happy one.

new year

Now my plans for new year are something like this, I have made a promise to myself to always be a positive thinker as lately may be due to some situations, I have been having negative thoughts and drifting towards it. So as we all take a resolution with the start of the year this is my new-year resolution. I know I have to go a long way ahead and handle a lot of difficulties, but I believe with the positive attitude everything would get easier.

I wont make a long list of things here and end up with this beautiful prayer and though for all of you :

The best thing when you walk along with the almighty is that you always have a chance to start a fresh, He always offers us another sunrise with a new hope, no matter whatever we have been through before. And when the occasion is as special as new year, let us all Thank him for his Grace upon us and pray he holds our hand in every phase of our life!



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