The rohtang pass

Trip to Himachal Pradesh

Way to yako madir

In the last post, I mentioned about the beautiful aura of Himachal Pradesh. So today here I am sharing some real images of my trip to the Place., Shimla, Manali and Rohtang. I hope you all will fall in love with the place and definitely plan your visit there.

So here I go, Beginning with the Sun rise in Himachal Pradesh :

The Morning Sunrise

The Greenery and The beautiful aura of the place: The sky seems to be bluer and the aura more aromatic and fresh than any other place. The greenery is so eye pleasing that you can spend the entire day just watching it.

The greenery and aura

The Original Image of the Vashist Temple: The temple has a hot water spring flowing in its surrounding. There are kunds inside the Temple for bathing in the natural hot water which is divided into two separate blocks for men and women.

The vashist temple

The Cold water of River Satluj: Telling you frankly, the water was so cold that it made my feet senseless and I could feel nothing for 10 minutes. 🙂

River Satluj

The Waterfall: There are uncountable number of falls while you move from Manali to shimla.

The natural waterfall

Buddhist Monastery:

The buddhist Monastry

The Shiva Temple : The temple was amazingly beautiful and the surrounding was all so Green.

The Shiva Temple

The Jakhu Mandir : Situated at a high altitude from Shimla, The Statue of Lord Hanuman is so huge here that it is almost impossible for a person standing beneath the Statue to watch at its top.

The Yako Mandir

Shimla From Ridge :

Shimla from ridge

The Himachal Valley:

Himachal Valley

It is impossible to share all the images and above all the feeling of Joy, I had while I visited there. But yes, The pictures would speak a lot!


My Love for nature has always grown with passing days, and places like these make me realize that true happiness always lies in the satisfaction of soul. Neither money nor  any wealth of world can buy it, it always will come from within. For me spending time in places like these and enjoying the silent voice of nature is true joy.

I hope you all Loved the Shared Images. 🙂

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