Himachal Pradesh – The celestial Beauty

Himachal beauty

It is truly said that some places are ornamented with natures beauty and Himachal Pradesh a state is India, I believe is one of them. Given the name of “Land of God’s” the place is a miraculously embellished allurement.

So let us take a walk through of some of the most amazing images of the place.


Kufri ( Shimla ) – The Place has been given a name of tourist and sports map of India, due to some of the most amazing and adventurous sports activity here. Ski-running being the most famous one!

Kinnaur valley

Kalpa ( Kinnaur )  – The place is a beautiful district of Himachal famous for its mountain “ Kinner Kailash “ across the river Satluj. The mountain changes its color several times in a day.

Palampur Palampur  –  One of the most beautiful cities of Himachal Pradesh. The place is famous for its greenery and tea gardens which make it a tourist hub.


Vashisht  – A village near to Manali, by the river Beas is a place full of temples and hot water springs. These naturally flowing hot water springs are not just amazing attraction but some of the best attraction center in India.

Bhakra-Dam Bhakra Dam – The Bhakra dam is the highest gravity dam in the world. Built across the river Satluj the place is named after the small village in the state of Himachal.


Mcleod Ganj  – The place has shown up as the famous Tibetan place in Himachal. There are monasteries and Buddha temples located here. Besides the place is a good trekking hunt as there are several paths and mountains for a trekking trip. I have personally gone to one of my trekking trip here that was to Triund, a glacier in Himalayas. There are a lot of amazing waterfalls and temples in between.

(The posted image is taken by me while on my way to the glacier, near the Bhagsunag temple)

Rohtang-Pass Rohtang Pass – The place is situated at a very high altitude with snow covered all round the year. My first experience to the place was something like this. I started my journey from Manali in the Car where I did not find it that important to take the special clothes and boots. Meanwhile when we were on our way we stopped by a little tea stall to sip the hot tea and as soon as I got down I realized what it is to be amidst the minus temperature and the height. My lips froze as I tried to speak. Seriously it chilled my soul and then there I took all the necessary steps and moved ahead to enjoy.  🙂

Great saying “Nature is God’s way of reminding us how magnificent we really are“

With this here I end up. Have a great weekend all!



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