What is Beauty?


Ok, I am sure you might be thinking what the topic relates to. Beauty!  Travel blog and a beauty story. Definitely not, so today I put up a question to all my readers,


Have you ever seen a bird feeding its little one, if not I am sure you might have seen the movie “Legend of the Guardians”, remember how the father and mother owl used to teach their kids fly. Imaging how beautiful it would it be to see something in real life.


A rose bud dancing in the rain, shining with pride high up and making the air aromatic? Oh! How lovely it looks. The trees, the plants, the aura everything! Each bit of nature keeps me awestruck with its beauty.

I remember a day while I was sitting in the garden with my friend. A boring day, and then it slowly started drizzling, and gave me a smile, and above all the rainbow in the sky. The boring day suddenly became a beautiful amazing day. Watching the rainbow made the child within me alive and I was happy just like a kid is when he sees the rainbow for the first time.


So here we are at the question again what is true beauty?

I don’t know about everyone, but I strongly believe in the staying, Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when soul is satisfied!

For me real beauty is Nature, The amazingly, unmatchable beauty which can never be compared with anything else. Every drop of it is filled with amazement. The sky, the wind, the trees, the mountain, everything wherever you go will always make you smile. And what can be more beautiful than something getting a smile on your face. Watching the beauty of nature is something that gives me real happiness and satisfaction and will always do.

I will keep it short today and let you all ask to yourself what beauty is for you and if you want to share it with me, do shoot a comment.

Here I end up with this beautiful thought

… And in her starry shade 

Of dim and solitary loveliness, 

I learned the language of another world,

 My own Magical World!


4 thoughts on “What is Beauty?”

  1. Lovely post! My friend/hiking partner and I were discussing this topic just the other day. He said that, in his mind, for something to be beautiful, it should carry meaning, but that meaning needn’t be overt. When we see a starry sky or the face of another human being, our minds find enormous meaning in the images our eyes are sending it.

    For me, the sense that something is beautiful is visceral and almost palpable. I feel as though my appreciation of beauty stays far from complex or conscious thought and relies strictly on emotion. Noticing that something is beautiful is a feeling, a feeling most like joy.

    And, yes, I certainly find nature strikingly beautiful.

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  2. A very “beautiful” post indeed! Loved it. You’re right, nature and it’s minimalist things leave one entranced.
    For me as well, beauty and a whole lot dimensions linked with it is to appreciate and recognise the small selfless things like a mother’s love, or nature doing it’s own things or rising above small things to grow a little intellectual component inside one’s head… 🙂

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