Iceland Beauty

Iceland – Impeccable beauty of Nature!


Iceland, contradicting its name is a place full of natural beauty and greenery. You may call it a Photo-shopped country with places which appears as a land of fairy. So today let’s take a walk through of some of the similar eye-catching beauty of Iceland. Truly said it is “Iceland – Impeccable beauty of Nature

The Blue Lagoon

To start with Lets explore The Blue Lagoon, one of the most visited and appraised place by every tourist visiting there. It is basically a thermal spa which was artificially created by digging in between the Black Lava Rocks and filling it with the water from the nearest thermal station. The place is an amazing beauty and fun to enjoy. Infact in winters when the white fog covers the blue lagoon water amidst the black surrounded lave rock, the scenic view is incomparable.  The Blue Lagoon, is a must visit place on the trip to Iceland.

West Fjords

Moving on to the next amazing beauty of Iceland is West Fjords. A not so known place with only 3% of tourist visiting around here, the place is an amazing scenic spot with a peninsula of 8600 square KM taking you straight to the icy chilled water of Denmark. The place would freeze you in winters and even in summers the temperature rarely rises above 10 degree. The surrounded mountains and the vast glaciations make the place breath-taking. So if you were also unaware of this beauty don’t miss it in your next trip around.


The third place is one of the most loved place for hikers and adventures, my personal favourite choice as well Landmannalaugar . Located at the highlands of Iceland the place is full of green belt covered mountains, Hot-Springs and is considered a natural reserve. The northern region of the belt is a suitable trekking trail and tourist hotspot.


The other beautiful place making Iceland impeccable is the Flatey, The Largest Island in the western Zone. The island comprises of 40 small and large islands in a cluster forming the largest one in the western region.  The best time to visit here would be during summers as the island is considered to be seasonal with very little to negligible population in winters. Once a hot cultural spot, the place has almost become extinct due to extreme temperatures in winters, but the beauty is still incomparable. Small cottages and houses in summers make the place restful and calm.


OK, so with the last beauty of Iceland are the Interior and the foodie Iceland. While you visit the place do not forget to take a glimpse of the rugged interior beauty, the only true wilderness left in the belt of Europe. The green farm lands , The horses and sheep’s, The deep blue sky and the cool wind, It would feel like you are at some place which you Goggled yesterday looking for best nature wallpapers.

Truly the place seems to appear as one of those!

Foodie Iceland

And definitely cuisines are something that makes the place most loved because for a foodie like me a trip is incomplete without tasting the best dish of the place. The smoked Lamb, the meat soup and fresh sea food is something that makes Iceland and amazing place for foodies. Besides Drinks adds up to your dish.

It is truly said Words cannot convey the scale of a view that is so stunning, it is just felt. Iceland is one of a similar beauty and as much as I can praise its aura and beauty it would be less to define it. “An incomparable and Flawless one”

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