Beautiful Tree

Every Tree has Something to say to Us!


Today while I was driving all the way to my office,

I stopped by a traffic light and saw the tree beside,

I tried to listen deep while it cried,

And then I realized that it was whimpering in grief.


I was a kid when you played around me,

You planted me with all the love,

You watered me daily and I grew in your garden,

And today I am firm and stiff you favorite tree “Dream”,

You named me dream when I was a kid,

And I loved it a lot when you called me the “Dream Tree”!

Rose Plant

You got the rose plant beside me,

And she was my friend while I watched  it grow,

I still remember the first bud when it grew,

Oh! How beautiful it was wrapped in the red hue,


Then one by one there came a lot of plants,

Some were as big as me and some were infants,

We grew together and played in sun,

We were so happy and had so much fun,

Amazing Birds

There were birds sitting all over us,

The little sparrow that made the nest,

Those fireflies glow our world at night,

The Rose and the Lilly did always fight,

How beautiful it was as we grew as a family,

Then one day we had a new member in our Family,

Crying Rose Bud

It was a rose bud so beautiful and charming.

You were walking by to the school and looked at it,

While it shown high with pride in the wind,

And then suddenly you plucked it up,

Rose Bud

Oh! How she cried, she was still a baby,

Oh! How we felt a new member in our family was gone before everyone met her,

The little sparrow was still to see her,

She was trembling and crying with pain while you took her all the way along

Before you crossed all the way to the gate, she was dead the little rose bud.


O’ dear please listen what we have to say

Don’t cut or break us we want to live

We have a life we sing and Play

We dance in sun and enjoy in rain

O’ dear, Please listen what we have to say!

Dear all, I am not a poet and I made an effort today as I actually feel every tree has something to say, these trees which has everything to offer to us, the food we have the shelter we have the evening swing in the summer and the warm fire in the winter everything is a gift to us by the Mother Nature, By the tree. SO please let us pledge to not cut the trees. I have made a promise to my little garden and the rose plant in it, that I will never make any member of their family suffer. Its your time now 🙂

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