O’ Forest the Magic thou Behold!

O’ Forest the Magic thou Behold!

Beautiful Forest

Your Beauty is eye pleasing and incomparable

You offer shelter to the trees and every form of wildlife

You have so much to give and nothing to take

O’ Forest the Magic thou Behold is golden and Glorious!

Forests are one of the most beautiful wealth which mankind has been given by the Mother Nature, and truly it is magical and its beauty is incomparable. I still remember my childhood and the backyard forest at my grannies place. I used to visit there in my summer holidays and this was the best time of my childhood I had. Every morning in the spring, I used to rise up early just to take a walk around the forest with my Grandma who used to go there and pick up some fresh flowers and fruits for worship. I remember the sweet tasted water from the large Borassus flabellifer tree which the old man sitting there used to offer me. He had white hairs and big beards. He held a big stick and sat beneath the tree selling that sweet tasting water which I still don’t know about, what it is called. Every morning felt mystical.

The Forest Pond

Once my Grandma picked up the flowers we used to walk through the rosewood trees planted all around the way and then reached to the small pond at the end of the forest. There used to be ducks all around and I used to be scared of them as they came out of the pound. I used to hide behind my grandma and still watch them float in the water. We used to sit there and watch the sun coming up high, the droplets of water from the mist of night shown like diamonds on the petals of the rose plant around. The spring sun used to be warm and the wind was so aromatic. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, I had a feeling of contentment here at the country side.

Magical Forest Beauty

Watching the cattle’s feed around and the birds sitting on the tree above me, I forgot everything. This moment was all I wanted to live. It was since then that this love for nature grew inside me and with the time passing by it kept on growing. And now here I am today, No Spring Breaks, no picking up flowers, No sweet water drink and I miss everything. But I am sure there will be a day soon when I will wake up pack up my things and Fly back to the country Side, sit there for hours beside the pond and watch the cattle’s feed and the birds make nests. There will be a day soon!

Forest Beauty

My eyes are wet, my hands are shivering, and I miss everything so much. The forest, The Old man and his smile every morning seeing the little kid walking around with her old granny, the trees and the water droplets. The sunrise and the morning, the butterflies and the fireflies, the life of contentment and happiness!

I guess with this I will end up today, feeling nostalgic! O’ Forest I miss you! You are as fresh as a Daisy always in my Mind and my thoughts!

14 thoughts on “O’ Forest the Magic thou Behold!”

  1. Oh, I love love love this post sooo much!!! 🙂 It is my favorite post today!! 🙂 How beautifully you write!! 🙂 Is it okay if I put a link to this post on my post today?

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    1. I am so happy to have an ‘excited’ reader of this post. 😉 I wrote it, fantasizing about my Childhood when I used to go to Forest with my Grandmother. Thanks for reading 🙂 🙂 And yes, you can link to it in your post if you think it could be of any help!


      1. I will!! 🙂 But is it okay if I do it tomorrow? I am going to publish a post about india tomorrow and this would be sooooo perfect with it!! 🙂 I will just put the link there and tell people they can click on it for more inspiration:-) You are an amazing writer!! 🙂

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