The Last Trip

The Last Trip!

My Last Trip

When travelling is all you always want to do, your passion and Love of life I am sure you might be imagining what your last trip would ever be like.Imagine for the last time you have got a chance to choose of the places you want to see, enjoy the extreme as this was it! This was what you could have made in this life! What would you want your trip to be like? I am not sure about you but here I go with what I want to enjoy as a LAST TRIP.

Safari Camping

I have always been very close to nature and fascinated by the miraculous creation of nature, so one place I would definitely add up to my trip would be safari camping in South Africa. Thrilling and amazing isn’t it? Amidst the nature and the wildlife, I would love to see every life form I have ever wished for. Africa as it is considered one of the best place to enjoy the wilderness I would definitely like to end up my traveling era with the heart throbbing experience.

Sea of Stars - Dream

Moving on from the wilderness to peace, I always dream of a day sleeping beneath the open sky besides the “SEA OF STARS“ Maldives. The place has just been a dream to me which I am sure I will definitely fulfill. I can’t explain the feeling I get in my belly when I think of the place and a night besides it and beneath the bare sky. Like now the thought is getting me Goosebumps! Sometimes something very simple and cost free can give you the happiness which no money can buy and this is what I imagine feeling here. It will be a dream come true to me.

Last Voyage

And the last place I would love to list in my Last trip would be a long voyage in an extra relaxing cruise. Aah! What a journey it would be. The never ending ocean and the beautiful scenic view, stopping by across the small islands, enjoying the unique culture of different places and most importantly enjoying the food. Being a foodie I would love to taste the dishes all across the globe.

Sometimes I wonder small happiness can mean so much than a big celebration. Stopping by at the small village or riding across the country side can be so enjoying than shopping in the city. Don’t you feel so?

This is what I want my Last Trip to be like!

My feet are heavy now, but on I go,

The way is steep, but I would have it so;

The rugged path that leads me out of time – 

Out of time and out of all,

Singing yet in sun and rain,

‘Heel and toe from dawn to dusk,

Round the world and home again.’

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