Exploring and Travelling

Travelling is my Passion and I am never Gonna Give-Up!

Love travelling and exploring

Hello Travelers… How are you today?

While thinking of what I should write today I realized that I have been writing of places, festivals, travel tips and what not, but I have never written about why I choose to make a Blog that would focus around travelling the world. So here I go and I assure to keep it short.

Since a kid, I have always been passionate about going around and seeing places. Traveling has been like a drug to me. I still remember those days when I was in high school, My Mom never wanted to allow me out on long trips organized as she feared of how I would manage around without knowing someone. And I was crying and begging her to let me go then, there came daddy who never stopped me and always supported my love for travelling since then I remember, I have never missed a school trip or an excursion or my college trekking trips. I don’t know why, but I always had this feeling and urge inside me to travel and travel.

Since then when I had to take permissions till today when I don’t even care if I am alone or someone is there with me, my urge for travelling has just grown and I have never wanted to give up. I just feel like going around and around the world, exploring places and enjoying the new journey. I don’t remember a single day in my life when I have not felt that maybe I could just give up everything and ride out to explore the world. But obviously, it is not possible for a person to do that in a lifetime, and then I thought why not just write about it. I check out the places, why not show that to all the travel lovers.

Travelling Drug of my choice

This got me to my Blog today “I LOVE TRAVELING AND EXPLORING PLACES “

And I promise I will keep on writing and bringing to all travelers, places which will not just fascinate you, but will make your urge for travelling grow more and more. I know I am not a writer in fact not even somewhat a writer, but I AM A TRAVELER and yes however bad I may write I am yet sure to awestruck you, as I will bring forth places which you might have never seen before and Which will make you realize why travelling is an addiction.

Love Travelling, Keep Travelling!

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