Surfing - An Addictive Fun

Go Surfing – An Addictive Fun!

Surfing Beaches

There is no doubt that surfing is a great fun, it makes us feel younger, wild and sets us free from all the tensions, and that’s what makes it addictive. Being an adventure sports lover, since a kid I have always been eager to experience all the adventure sports and as from my experience I would like to tell all my readers, Yes you should definite try it once and I bet you will realize the same “Surfing an Addiction“.

So let’s rundown through some of the best Surfing destinations all around the world surfers might wish to travel.

Gold-Coast-SurfingSuperbank, Gold Coast, Australia: Known as one of the premium surfing destinations all around the world, Gold Coast is given a name of SURFERS PARADISE. Gold Coast covers almost 70 kilometer distance area for beaches and in famous for its four breaks among which one is SuperBank. Goad Coast has the best waves and is a must visit surfing coast for a water sports lover. The coast is full of surfers all around the year making it a hot spot and best surfing beach in Australia.

jeffrey bay south africaSupertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa: Given the name of J’Bay, the surfing destination located in Cape Province of South Africa is one of the world’s best surfing beaches. The surfing event held here during July makes it one of the most visited bays during the month. Surfers from all around the world visit to enjoy the event. Besides surfing visiting here gives you an opportunity to enjoy the world best sea food as well as seashells. So don’t forget to surf this bay during July “The winter Month” and enjoy the surf and the event.

Black beach californiaBlack Beach, San Diego, California: One of the best surfing beaches in US, the destination is a high tide beach not advisable to beginners. The beach is one of the best surfing destinations for professional surfers as it is accompanied with some of the most powerful breaks and high tide along with strong currents. So if you are a professional surfer and want to experience the thrill this is the place for you.

Hossegor, FranceHossegor, France: Given the name of “Surfing Capital Europe” the place is famous for being the best holiday destination in Europe. Located in Atlantic bay the place is a good surfing destination for experience surfers. So if you are looking to have the best surfing experience I would definitely suggest you to visit here. Besides surfing you can enjoy the beauty of Europe as an icing over cake.

Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, PhilippinesCloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines: Are you a daredevil? Do you want to experience the drama and thrill? Yes, then this is your destination. The sea waves are powerful and the tides are strong, the experience will definitely make you feel like experiencing a piece of paradise. But yes dare not slip if you want yourself not to be ripped by the high tides.

Every Surfer dreams to ride at least once through the perfect waves and tides of a beach, and if you are looking for the same the beaches you have just read about are the place which will help you turn your dream to reality. So bring an end to your crave and wait, and enjoy the best surfing destinations to visit all around the world. Surf safe… stay safe!

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