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Don’t Miss a Hike!

Don't miss the Hike

I still remember my first hiking experience to Trihund, among the Himalayan Ranges; the memory is as fresh as a daisy in my mind. The sudden plan with college friends, the Pack-up and then just left for the trek. “Trihund” a glacier in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful hiking mountains in India. Located at a height of 2,827 meters from the ground level, the mountain top is always covered with snow. The journey to the top is almost nine kilometers from the place mcleodganj where I started my trek. And I tell you the joyous feeling I experienced reaching the top of it were as exciting as the journey. The waterfall in between, the forest the fire camping, I believe this was one of the most amazing and thrilling experience of my life.

Here are some of the most amazing hiking places around the world you must visit to experience the thrill, joy and an exciting trek:

Blyde River CanyonBlyde River Canyon: Also given a name as Motlatse river the Canyon is a beautiful natural reserve, and not just a hiking place. Situated in Mpumalanga the place has some of the most breathtaking views like The God’s window and is the best hiking place in South Africa. Besides, trek you can also enjoy swimming and wildlife exploration. The place is full of biodiversity and life-forms.

Kalalau TrailKalalau Trail: Situated in between Ke’e Beach and Kalalau Beach by the Na Pali coast on Island of Kauai, Hawaii the place has a trek of almost 18 kilometers. This is one of the most tuff trails of 22 miles complete round trip and definitely for an extremely tuff and strong hiker. The hiking can be marked from the North coast of the island, and I assure you, if you are looking for a lifetime trekking experience this is it.

AlpsAlps: One of the biggest mountain peaks in the continent of Europe, the Alps is not just a single trekking mountain but has a number of ranges for experiencing the trek. The mountainous ranges of Alps stretch almost 1,200 kilometers covering 8-Alpine countries. Besides mountainous ranges the Alps have a great cultural diversity as well and while you move forward covering ranges to ranges you can enjoy the forests and different types of life-forms and cultures all around.

Himalayas, IndiaHimalayas: Now, while we are talking about trekking and hiking, how can we forget The Great Himalayan trek. Himalaya has some of the highest peaks in the world and is one of the most famous and adventurous ranges for trekking. Holding the highest peaks among its ranges Himalaya is definitely the toughest trekking mountain range and has been in past. But while it is one of the most challenging treks for decades it also holds some of most heart throbbing sights which can never be seen elsewhere. Almost covered with snow through the year the place has an amazing scenic view and will definitely be a lifetime experience.

Hua Shan, HikingHua Shan: Among the Mount Hua ranges in China, the place is an excellent Hiking track taking you to scenery unforgettable while you complete the trek. Though many non-professional hikers also come here for trek the place is an amazing track yet quite dangerous as the trails are somewhat unreliable. But what would the hiking experience be without some adventure and risk?

Hiking has always been one of the most exciting and amazing adventure sports which will give you a memory for lifetime. And I am sure every person definitely dreams of experiencing it once in lifetime. So while you look forward to fulfill your dream don’t forget to keep these places in mind, some of the best hiking ranges in the world.

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