Lost In the Wilderness!

Natural Wilderness

There is a wolf in me,

There is a fox in me,

There is a hog in me,

There is a baboon in me,

There is a bird in me

There is a tree in me,

O, I got a zoo within, I sing and kill and work, I am a pal of the world, I am WILDERNESS.

Whether you are gazing at a thrilling hailstorm or looking up high in the sky at the floating clouds, raining and singing a music of its own, weather the droplets of water on the leaves of the large tree beside you falls on your hand making you feel beautiful or whether the wind blowing touches your face getting you a smile of contentment, every drop of nature is filled with wonderment.

Imagine a world without wilderness, No trees, No birds, No woods, No animals and Birds, nothing wouldn’t it be too dry and barren. Don’t you think the joy which you get in watching a bird feeding its little one or making nests above on the branches is much pleasing than any other entertainment of the world.

Nature, the word coming from the Latin phrase ‘natura’ is a justification of its own meaning GIVING BIRTH. And why not, it’s the Mother Nature only that has given birth to every life form around. Beginning from the most important air for survival to woods, fire, and food everything we have today is a part of the nature.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous, ‘Aristotle’

Nature shares with us hundreds and thousands of simple joy, from the Sun shining high up in the Sky to the colorful flowers all around, the music of the rain and the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the moonlit night and the ray of light every dawn, every drop just adds a beauty to our life, a feeling that can never be explained, Just felt, A feeling of rejoice, A feeling of hope, A feeling of contentment, A feeling of inspiration.


But then there comes, THE MAN, The destroyer. Not just the growing population is something which is the reason of the wiping away of wilderness, but the selfish and demanding needs of us today has resulted in a large variety of plants, animals, and Life forms to extinction.  Our needs never limit and to fulfill them we keep on playing with what nature has to offer us.

There is a proverb saying “If you cut a tree, then Plant two”. It’s not just about planting trees, but taking an effort ahead to save the wilderness around, to save the Mother Nature. Today’s effort will definitely be a step to a bright future. Our one attempt ahead can be the beginning of a new world, the world of Beauty. Let’s make a promise to ourselves today, that with every passing day we will take a step ahead to preserve the precious wealth of life “MOTHER NATURE

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