Travelling and Exploring the Planet Earth!


Solo Travel

“I imagine I’ll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar, 
or even chart a journey to a distant shining star.
I make a journey in a paper
a contemplation ink in white field
I make a journey inside the book
travelling my imagination in the word ocean “

“TRAVELLING” weather be my passion, my obsession or the Love of my life, it is something I can never keep myself away from, something I can never give up on!

Sometimes, I feel like packing up my stuff, getting off from my daily routine and just heading out to a long Journey, out to some prodigious land in search of something new or even chart up some journey and fly up to the distant blazing star, but just keep on going Travelling and Exploring the Planet Earth to the brim.

I can’t imagine a single day with nothing new in it to explore. Life would be so dull without each dawn giving rise to something productive. Every morning, arouses a curiosity inside me fighting hard and telling me to get up and just start. Unplanned and unexpectedly just begin my search of a new shelter somewhere within the woods or around the mountains and hills, near the rivers and oceans.  

The world is huge and every corner of it has something hidden deep beneath, untouched and unheard, telling story of its own. I know a lifetime can never be enough to go around the world and look for every untold story, but what I plan is to keep searching and searching until I finally end up discovering the undiscovered.  



“I wandered lonely as a cloud
that floats on high o’er vales and hills “

I don’t care if someone accompanies me or not,  if the conditions are favorable or not, If the places are known or not, what I care about is just going around, roaming like a lonely cloud high up in the Sky alone but still standing out firm and distinct.

“Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze “

I just want to live very drop of my life enjoying it like I will not get any tomorrow and this is it… This is the day… So, just live it.

There is no time to start, Christopher Columbus; the great explorer would have never been able to find The American continents if he would have not started with his voyage.  So just take a step ahead and you will realize what life is without exploring and I am sure once you take up the path there is no way you will ever want to stop and give up. Life is an amazing journey and death a long holiday, so before you go on to enjoy the holiday live your life to the fullest. Keep Travelling and Exploring and I am sure everything around will be inspiring you with something new not letting you to pause!

                                                                                                                     –    Bhawana Rajput.

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