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Extreme Wonders of The World



Have you ever thought how big our planet earth is? Imagine how many wonders all around the world are still unknown to us,

untouched and hidden deep and full of secrets. I sometimes think if a lifetime was enough to go around the world and look for these miraculously fascinating wonders. I am sure the answer is no! But definitely we can evaluate a few of them. Whatever time you have and whatever days you can, just keep going looking for something new in each day and never pausing.

Let’s check out few exciting untold stories which will not just surprise you but will definitely make you realize why to explore more and more and what you have been missing till date.

Riddle HouseSCARIEST PLACE: Have you ever tried to face the darkest part of your life, something that scares you like hell, if not one of the place you surely must visit is the RIDDLE HOUSE located in FLORIDA. Dying and Life ending has been on every walls of this house since designed. Though the house has been relocated in 1980’s but the soul inside it has been supposed to move with it becoming more violent and making the house extremely possessed and cursed. Both paranormal activities and the death series followed in it have made it the scariest place in the world.

Pulpit RockHIGHEST CLIFF:Cliff Jumping has always been not just a wonderful sports but a long lasting experience for any individual and when experienced from Pulpit Rock situated in Norway the feeling is not just breath taking but extremely stunning. If you have ever feared of height and want to overcome your only regret, this is the place. At a height of 605 meters above the ground in Norway this cliff makes you experience what flying over the sky actually could be like. So if you love adventure sports this is a must go place once in lifetime for you. Your last stop to overcome your fear!!

Mariana TrenchDEEPEST OCEAN: Located in the Pacific Ocean, east of Marina Island’s this trench known as Marina trench is 1,038 meters deeps and one of the deepest oceans in the world. Out of the 22 trenched found in the world Marina trench is one of the deepest one with its end point known as ”The Challengerdeep”. The extreme distance from the surface above makes this place a wonderful experience to be explored.

With so many places and so less time to explore them, a look around them definitely not just arouse our curiosity more and more but gets us more closer to the wonders of the world. Knowing about this extremely scariest, deepest and highest place makes me think IS A LIFETIME ENOUGH?

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